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Perinkulam car festival musing

This year’s Perinkulam car festival was of special significance for me, as my youngest son Srikanth along with his wife Hamsadwani, who are likely to leave shortly to US for higher studies, participated in the festival. I was on a happy high seeing them actively engaged in various activities , extending a helping hand to pull the chariot, to serve food etc.
The chariot was advancing when I pulled and I was proud of my strength, for a while. Then, I noticed sweat oozing from the face and bare chest of my son and realized that it was not my strength alone that contributed to the advancement of the vehicle. I turned to my right and left and found there were many, stronger and younger ones,  pulling the thick rope and when I looked at the back of the chariot there was a huge jumbo pushing with all its strength!
There was not a drop of sweat on my forehead or face or chest! So, I was just holding the rope when others pulled it !
Standing on the veranda of his house, an youngster was encouraging the procession, waving his ‘angavastram’, small cloth and shouting,’aa,aa’. He didn’t bother to come down his steps and give a helping hand.
Chariots won’t advance by touching the rope or screaming, ‘aa,aa’. Combined efforts are needed for any advancement, whether of a chariot carrying an idol or of a family or society holding many human beings.
I was, anyway, happy that I could be present there at least to touch the chariot.
“Thank you Krishna for making this possible for me. I have no strength left in my weak body to pull your chariot.” I prayed silently and looked down to see whether there were any foot-prints of my father and grand father who would have, with no sandals on their feet and no shirt on their body, pulled the chariot. Had the dark tar not covered  the mud roads, I would have been able to see their foot prints, I thought.
Nanvaneetha Krishna laughed. ”Looking for the foot prints of your forbears when your offspring is right in front of you, pulling my chariot along with you?” He asked.
I lifted my eyes and looked at His face. He smiled.

2 thoughts on “Perinkulam car festival musing

  1. You questioned KRISHNA & also found HIS answer!This is the eternal answer to our eternal questions- we just need to close our eyes to see HIM & hear HIM!
    Everything is due to HIS कृपादृष्टि & we can only do कृष्णार्पणम् !

  2. i hope to meet you here uncle.! 🙂

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