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Kailasa vaadyar and karimpuchar

,Sri. Kailasa vaadhyar of Perinkulam was one among the hundreds and odd vaadhyars who had come to Hyderabad for an Athirudram, long ago. He passed away last year at his 90 plus, peacefully. ” Let me die happily at home, instead at hospital with needles and tubes all over the body”, he requested his son and passed away as comfortably as he would while going from his house to the temple. I have already a write- up on him, titled, ‘Agnimeelae purohitham’.

” I am a strong man but wept after reading your story”  wrote a reader recently, referring to the poverty prevailed in the brahmin houses those days about which I had briefly mentioned .
This is a lighter version :
One day I took vaadhyar on my LML vespa as  that was the only vehicle I had then and showed him the city.I stopped near the ‘monda market’ to buy some fruits.
‘”Oru aavarthy Vishnusahasranamam on pinnalae  okkanthu mudichootten- I have completed reciting Vishnusahsranamam once, sitting at your back”,  he commended and picked up a brass tumbler from his shoulder bag , noticing a pull cart with a bundle of sugar cane sticks and a crushing machine on the road side. He asked me to buy juice for him..
“Vaadhyar, for you ? ” I asked him, unbelieving that he would have the drink from a street vendor.
” Am I note adding sugar to my coffee and vellam for the paayasam ? Have those not passed through several hands and machines?. Here it is one man, one machine and the juice directly falls into my tumbler. And I am thirsty”
What a practical traditionalist.
“Pinnae, chela vasthukkalukku asudham illai”  The jovial vaidheekan smiled and whispered in my year.You know what he said?
I don’t want to mention to you and receive your blows..
Comments :

I am sad to hear the sad loss of one Vaideeka.
We must promote the Vedha Adhyayanam of Ten more vidhyaarthees now!
Referring to the last part of your e-mail – “Pinnae, chela vasthukkalukku asudham illai”. I do not know what he referred to. But that is true.
Vatsyayana says: “A dog’s mouth is considered impure generally, but during hunting, it is considered pure; A cow’s udder is considered impure except whilst milking; A woman’s mouth is considered impure except during conjugal bliss (with a lawful wife)”.
Just felt like mentioning.
Bhuvaneshwar D

2 thoughts on “Kailasa vaadyar and karimpuchar

  1. In our dharma there are exceptions according to the convenience subject to the sincerity is maintained. For example, if you are sick you can recite Rama namam and Gayathiri Mandram lying in bed but purity of the mind and the thinking that we should continue reciting is so essential.
    This is my personal opinion

  2. Hari OM!
    I have heard from our late Muthusubramanya Ganapadigal of Chennai, a very old Vadhyar with a profound knowledge of our Sastras and Nirnaya Sindhu, that when people talk about ‘Exceptions’ to whatever is ordained in Sastras as a convenient tool of relinquishing ordained rules, it should not be anything out of their imagination, but solidly backed by Sastras only, meaning, our Sastras have also prescribed ‘Exceptions’ to certain rules under ‘specific conditions’. Therefore, any ‘Exception’ that people quote should also be the one ordained by our Sastras.

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