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I have nothing to teach you

Subject: [Pattars] I have nothing  to teach you
My classmate Sri. Krishnamoorthy had this to say about my post on ‘Kavassery and Pallavur ”
“Dear Siva,
I went through your article on Pallavur and Kavasseri, with a hope to find some guidance about the localities. I am terribly disappointed that it contained descriptions of one or trwo personalities only, not a word about the geography, people and their habits.”
He is right.  I don’t write on those because there are several other sources such as travel guides, Google search etc to help you on those subjects
 My interest is to attempt to touch your finer feelings and try to vibrate those intimate inner  strings. I am a ‘vainika’ in that respect and not an information bureau. I have nothing with me to teach you.
I shall be grateful if my respected readers could keep this is in their mind, while reading my stories.
 I was moved when a day or two back , a reader said this :
 ” Dear Shri Sivasubramanian,
It was a rare treat, one of the beautiful portrayal,narration or story telling which i chanced to read today and i sincerely want to congratulate you for this and pray for your good health and happiness.
It was a casual search for an email from a friend “parasu’ (whom i met after a gap of 50 years at Thrissur during the golden jubilee celebrations of Government College of Engineering),that made me look at the US brahmins mail of May 19 2011, where in your story of parasu vadyar not just attracted me but made me read with intense interest couple of times and i liked it so much because of its simplicity and familiar back drop and events.Though few tear drops fell at the end, i realized that it brought freshness and a light feeling removing the heaviness of the crowded life.
Thank you for this nice piece”
That exactly is my aim .
Love and regards,
Ocala, Florida

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