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Our GODS and their gods


My revered elder brother, senior to me in age and superior to me in knowledge, has once again exhibited his ‘vaachalatha’ word power and not ‘vagmithwam’, if he has any. I am always prepared for a debate but he has never given me a chance for that. He disastrously deviates from the subject and collects all sorts of trash from all over the world and throws the bundle at your face to blind fold you. But Truth cannot be blindfolded! That is the truth.
1. The Brahmasree has wandered all over the world unnecessarily in his ripe old age, to collect all irrelevant laws, in no way related to the subject and produces as supports for his arguments, when there is no argument from his side at all. Abuses are not arguments. When you come for a debate on a particular subject, as a leading criminal lawyer, which you claim you are, you should know that you have to argue on the matter. Not on how the opponent wear his tie or komanam.
You have not contrasted a single point of mine, though you have poured tons of filth on my head. 
I had quoted from Rig vedam and Adharva vedam, just one each, revelations to show that the root of our beliefs, culture is based  on the theory that God is one-eakm sat, though that Sovereignty is called by different names-vipra bahudha vadanthi. If you disagree with me on that point, in effect, if you disagree with Vedavaakyam,  you should have argued for your theory on ‘OUR GODS and their gods’ .
Instead, pitiably, you talk of the laws enacted by Norway, Brazil and another half a dozen countries! Why do you bring them here ? What is there relevance here ? I did not say a word about the western Universal-ism at all. I talked about our people, our belief, our practices.  
2. ” Amavasya and pornami” and another hundreds of pairs you talk about are also irrelevant, imaginary intrusions-I am not going to say a word about them, because I am not their kartha.
 My point is very,very simple. Easwara viswasam is based on our belief. We believe that the idols installed by us according to agamasastras are ideal for worship. God lives in them. A ‘pandaraam’ in your language and also a paraya or chakkiliya again in you language, install a small stone with or without a roopam, shape and With or without a mantram and BELIEVS THAT IS GOD.  Man, it is that believes that counts. How did Kannappa pull out his eyes, not one but both and paste it on a stone in the wild. ?He believed that that shapeless simple, rough stone was his GOD !! Why did Nandesswarar, whom you insulted as a mere stone statue,  move a bit, to facilitate better view for a ‘parayan’ again I use your language. Did the ‘animal’ do it for a ‘baksheeh or kaikooli’ ? I remeber you said something to that effect. Did it move at all or was it the belief of Nandanar that it moved ? 

You have not gone to Sreekanteswarm temple on a pradosham evening. You should see how the women, mostly non brahmins, weep in front of the idol at Deeparathani time.They have not learned Rudram or Chamkam, like me and you. They have only bakthi. That exactly is what the God wants.  Before the God, I repeat, all are equal. And that Supreme entity, again quoting from Rigvedam,

” Eaka eavaagnir bahuda samidha 
Eaka sooryo viswamanyu prabootha:
Eakai voshaa: sarvamidahm vibathi
Eaka vaa idam vi baboovasarvam”
For you and me that power, mahasakthi, is Mahadevar or Madurai Meenakshi;  for others, Chami and vellai, IT could be Maruthakaruppan and Mariyatha. If you don’t like those names, please keep away but do not insult ‘their gods’ . It will be helpful to remember that  that Chami and Vellayi  might be the ones to carry you and me in an ambulance to the hospital when we struggle for breath or they could  be the ones, wearing a white apron and gloves,  who cut open our heart to reactivate it.
3. I know how you made my sister in Dubai to weep by your unbrahminical remarks. Let us not talk about her.
4. Let us also not talk about your insult to Anjaneyaswamy  ‘as just one among us in the Que to worship Ramachandraswamy’ The Lord with His Divine consort lives in Hanuman’s heart. Not in yours .
” Devendradi samastha deva vinutham kakuthadootham bajeay”  – where are we poor mortals, before that Maha yogi !
5. The ‘vedamantra swaroop swamy’ may be a  ‘pandaram’, a nomad with a stick and coupeenam, but he is a ‘Jnana panditha swamy’ too. When you found a pandaram in human form standing behind the Lord  to serve him,Your brahmanatwam came to the fore front. Your bakthi should have.
6.I have requested you several times not to touch my Kunjammalu, Kamu,Parsurama vaadhyar, Ammalu and several other imaginary characters. They are sacrament to me as are to several of my readers. Visit my website and see the ‘comments’ column, if you want to oppose this statement. Kunjammalu, though an imaginary character, is intelligent, a Sanskrit teacher. She is not a fool to tolerate if the tottering old man misbehaves with her.
7. India is my country. I lived there for over 70 years. I have my own people and property still there. I am now in US as my children do not want   me to live all alone in a big house in Hyderabad,  while my four grand children, three  children and several other relatives are here. I may go back any time to India and comeback here. Aren’t  you too live in a foreign country now ?
8.About my patriotism or belief in God, I do not require a certificate from any one.They are purely personal matters. We are in a common forum and let us discuss any points on common interests. Abusing the opponent is not in common interest. You have the habit of belittling every one. All of us, has some amount of intelligence may not be to your level. No need also for that .
9. You did not have the basic courtresy of wishing me for my 75th birth day. Nothing surprising, as we know about you. But when I came to your gate with a picture in my hand of palabhishekam to the Brihadeeswaraswamy and a New year greeting in my lips, you insulted me.
That was an insult to my Mahadevar. You should have got up and recited panchakdharam if not Rudram.
In Kiratham kathakali, there is a scene, where, unable to tolerate the pain of Her husband in the form of a hunter, from the arrows of Arjuna, Parvathy in the form of a hunter woman curses Arjuna, ‘noonameyyunna banangalookayum soonamai poka Pkava” Let all the arrows you throw at my Lord, turn into flowers!
Let all the  arrows you aim at other members of this forum and other fora, turn into flowers.
I respect your wisdom.You and me do not have many sunrises and sunsets to witness.
“To every man upon this earth
Death cometh soon or late.”
Divert your mind and energy towards that ”SAT”, which  “vipra bahudha vadanthi “, instead of abusing others.
Ocala, Florida.

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Dear fellow-Iyers
We, Iyers, Iyengars Brahamanas, Pattars seem to have a sudden New God in the Firmament  —  and, in oder to expound his faith and doctrines, we have also a New Prophet-cum-Saviour, who is EVR and EMSN rolled into one.  

 My little note of five short paragraphs has evoked from this New Prophet-cum-Saviour a torrential and highly emotional outburst of twenty-six paragraphs spread over four sheets of A4-size paper all forcefully set out in thick bold black print  —  almost shouting from the top of the temple flagpole to drown out the truth.  To him, the Truth hurts, of course.  The absolute Truth hurts absolutely.  Especially when set out soberly and somberly, in small print. 
One of our more prolific contributors, this Prophet-cum-Saviour has newly discovered, out of the cerulean blue sky, WESTERN UNIVERSALISM, whose basic tenets are:-
Eternal Religion gives way to enacted law.
All men and women are the same. 
All temples and places of worship are the same. 
All gods, daemons, and spirits are the same. 
All religions, faiths, creeds are the same. 
Everything is equal to everything else;  no distinction exists anywhere, in anything, at any time; to any degree  —   never existed before, will never exist in the future.  Utopia everywhere.  God is in his Heaven (or Hell), and All’s Right With The World ! 
Our newly-self-christened Prophet-cum-Saviour will slash you to slivers of meat if you dare to disagree, or even think otherwise.   This is the Brave New World!   His Brave New World. 
But is it?
Enacted law in Norway says that Anurupa and Sagarika Battacharya from Kolkata, parents of a three-year-old boy and a one-year-old girl, and who work and live in Norway, are guilty of unforgivable crime against their two babies.  Acting accordingly to this enacted law, the authorities forcibly removed the tiny tots from their parents’ custody and proximity, and placed them under alien foster care  —  to be reared “properly”. They are still in custody.  The law is adamant that it is right. 
The hapless parents’ great crimes?  They fed their children by their own hand, because the children did not know how to feed themselves.  They also let the children share their own beds at night. 
Enacted law in Australia said that parents of aborigine children  —  the black-skinned race existed and flourished, prayed and played together, cooked, ate, cured their illnesses through their own native medicines, long before white-skinned Europeans in the British Isles learned not to live in pits in the ground, learned not to cover their naked bodies with woad [blue dye] to catch the sun and protect their skins from the cold, learned not to hunt for grubs in rotting wood to feed themselves  —  are genetically incapable of rearing children, and that all children born to aborigines should be captured like wilk animals and be transported away to special camps, there to be “brought up properly”.  All the children died in captivity.  As did many aborigine parents “in the Outback”, pining for their absent progeny. 
Enacted law in the United States of America says that the brown Native Americans do not own the land or the resources under it, but the White Invading Europeans do.  Therefore the Native Americans are confined to small undeveloped “reservations” in inhospitable and inaccessible places of the country, and forced to fend for themselves. 
Under the doctrine of “The only good Indian is a dead Indian,” enacted law in the United States of America gave White Invading Europeans the right, under God, to hunt down and kill off in one-sided genocidal war after genocidal war, in holocaust after holocaust, from the shores of the Atlantic Ocean to the shores of the Pacific Ocean, every Native American who dared to oppose them. 
Read, for example, “Indians and Other Americans  —  Two Ways of Life Meet” 274 pages, by Harold E Fey & D’Arcy McNickle, read “I Will Fight No More Forever  —  Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce War” 398 pages, by Merrill D. Beal, and read “Men To Match My Mountains – The Monumental Saga Of The Winning Of America’s Far West” 562 pages, by Irving Stone.  You will even find accounts of cannibalism  —  white men killing and eating the flesh of their Native American guides and porters after crossing the Sierra Nevada, in the last-mentioned book.
 Enacted law in the United States of America gave White Invading Europeans the right to poison the wells, streams and other drinking and cooking fresh water resources of the Native Americans, the right to toss into the latter’s tepees and wigwams pieces of cloth and blanket deliberately infected with smallpox, a hitherto unknown disease in the New World, and against which the Native Americans had no defence.  The right to burn down tepes and wigwams, and destroy stock of food and clothing, after forcingt the Native Americans to fglee form their settlements.  The right togun down all bison, elk, deer, and other animals on which the Native Americans depended for food.
 Enacted law in the United States of America gave White Invading Europeans the right to slaughter Native American women on sight, the right to string up their naked bodies high up between two poles with their torsos stretched out by ropes ties to their wrists , the right to cut off their breasts, and make tobacco pouches out of the dried breasts, and to flaunt these prizes in the bars and saloons of the country.
 Enacted law in Saudi Arabia prohibits praying to anyone other than Allah, even in the innermost privacy of your own home, even if you are not a Muslim.  You can be put to death for defying the law.
 Enacted law in Singapore prohibits the importation of even one stick of chewing gum, or one stick of cigarette.  You will be swiftly hanged by the neck until you are dead, after due process of law, if you are found in possession of 12 grammes of heroine or similar narcotic drug, even if you are only in transit and do not exit from your plane on the airport runway or exit from your ship in the harbour, and do not set foot at all on solid Singapore soil. 
Enacted law in India has authorised seizure without compensation, of the ancestral fertile agricultural lands of hundreds of thousands of expert Brahmin agriculturists and foresters, lands on which they and their families depended for a living, and had done so for generations.
 Enacted law in India has authorised fragmentation into unviable little plots of these seized agricultural lands, and to distribute them among individuals who had formerly been employed to till the fields or otherwise to help in tilling the land, planting, watering and harvesting crops, under supervision of the owners and their families.
Enacted law in Brazil allows white wold-be settlers and ranchers to machine-gun down and to slay by machete any natives they meet in the deep dark jungles of the Amazon basin, to seize their land, to cut down all trees, and turn the land into huge ranches for raising beef cattle and construct abattoirs and beef-packing plants.
And so the list goes on. 
Our Prophet-Saviour of Western Universalism waxes eloquent on “the theory that there is only one god.”  He trots out the tired tirade quoting our Rig Vedam.  He concludes passionately with the fervent supplication:  “Differentiating between (our god and their gods) will only split our society further and isolate us more and more.”
 What noble sentiments. What self-evident truths, axioms, to be accepted without proof! 
Is all this fiery oratory only to flay practicing Brahmanas and practicing Hindus who pray to “our gods”?
 Will our red-blooded Universalist convince the Protectors of the Holy Places of Islam; convince the Pope in Rome and his Cardinals; convince the Defender of the Faith sitting on the Throne of the United Kingdom of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland (whose ancestors were Emperors of India and Empresses of India) and the Archbishop of Canterbury, convince the Grand Patriarchs of the Orthodox Christian Churches, convince the quarrelling hundreds of reformist and independent Christian sects, convince the Heads of the Hasidim, of the Orthodox, of the Reformist, and of the Conservative Schools of Judaism,  —  to accept his theory that there is only one god, so they should all drop their differences and merge into one whole Soup Supreme together with Hindus, as was the case before Judaism arose, and give birth to the Nazarene creed and its brood of dissidents, and gave birth to the Mecca-centric followers of Muhammad?  Convince them to demolish their basilicas, cathedrals, and churches,  their mosques and mausoleums, their synagogues and prayer-houses, their grottoes and cave-shrines?
 Would it appease our red-blooded tomtom-beating Universalist a bit, if I were to gently remind him that he appears incapable of distinguishing between “non-Brahmins” entitled to Upanayanam and all that confers, such as Kshathriyas and Vaishyas, and those falling outside the four varnas such as worshippers of the phalanx of “Karuppan, Karuppaayee, Maareeaayee, Madurai Veeran, Muthallathu-raaja, Mooneeaandee,  Aatchee, Kaava,-theivam, Ayyanaar, Naachiappan, Naachiammayee, and many, many more”?
 “Our gods and their gods  — What’s this?”  Our rhetorician demands.
 This is the reality of this world today. Nothing less.  Nothing more.
 Of course, he is free to reject the evidence before his (closed?  Partially closed?) eyes, and dwell in the realm of  fantasy.  He is free to say that all men and women are the same, all temples and places of worship are the same, all gods, daemons, and spirits are the same, all religions, faiths, creeds are the same.  He is free to insist that:
 Voodoo and Vedam are the same
So are the Devil and the deities
So are Ganga and Koovum rivers
So are Kashmir and Kanyakumari
So are Aani and Maarghazhi months
So are Amaavaasya and Pournami
So are the ballet and Bharathanaatyam 
So are Idi Amin and Nelson Mandela
So are James Joyce and Siegfrid Jung
So are Pidgin and elegant English
So are Rafflesia and the rose
So are the vamp and the virgin 
So are koorkan-kizhangu and Elephant Yam
So are plywood and sandalwood
So are vinegar and wine
So are rice powder in water and cows’ milk 
So are Singapore and Shanghai
So are Ocala, USA and Osaka, Japan
So are faeces and manure
So are Eskimos and Papuans
 He is free to insist that, in his Brave New World of Equality and Universalism, all metals are equal;  therefore lead is equal to tin is equal to copper is equal to silver is equal to gold.  Similarly, all carbons are equal.  Charcoal is equal to anthracite is equal to diamond.  His logic is irresistible  — or, in his own words, muddled “because of superstition and stupidity and also greed for free flush (whatever that means – non-coin-operated modern toilets?).” 
When all is said and done, what can you possibly make of one who cannot distinguish between his distorted imagination of my allegedly “visiting the Pazhani temple, with freshly collected cow milk from brahmin cow”, and the truth, which I related as to how I was cheated by the rascally paal-kudam supplier at Pazhani Adivaaram who had surreptitiously filled the vessel with water mixed with rice-powder, and boldly cheated me by assuring me that it was fresh cows’ milk milked that very morning?
 Also, how can you possibly rely on a man’s ability to tell the truth, when he cannot distinguish between my praising a Brahmin married woman in Dubai who faithfully observes all our rituals such as Vara-Lakshmi Nonbu and is a dharma-pathni to her Brahmin husband, and my condemning a totally different woman who uses the foulest of languages on the Internet, so much so that even our tolerant moderator had to excise the entirely of her two e-mails when I quoted them verbatim to disprove our Prophet-Saviour’s false accusations?
 Further, how can you be sure of where a man’s loyalty lies or where his orientation is, when he broadcasts that every Shiva-Lingam has a monkey’s head and face protruding from the top and a monkey’s tail protruding from behind, since his unshakeable belief is that Lord Shiva is an avathaaram of Hanuman, and vice-versa?  How can you trust him when he sneers at a Brahmin priest pouring water on the Shiva-Lingam which, he smirks, bears the River Ganga on its head  —  so pouring water on the head of Gangadhar is eminently stupid?
 And how pious and god-fearing is a man who goes to Shiva Temples in south Kerala during festivals, to meet buxom young black outcaste women (in snow-white saris) at night and there, after a private stroll hand-in-hand through the deserted temple kitchens,  hugs them to his chest, murmuring “I like you,” in the darkness?
 The final sting in the tail  —  or the utmost acme of hypocrisy.  “We survive only if our country survives,” he declaims.  Which country?  Then United States of America where he is comfortably settled?  Truncated, riven, vivisected India  —  or what remains of it now  —  which he fled? Canada and Vancouver, from where he continued his diatribe against Brahmins?  Some new destination?   Pre-historic Gondwanaland?  Bharatha Varsham?  Bharatha Khandam?
Although his ingrained anti-Brahminism surfaces every now and then, what about the survival of Brahmins as a community?  What about the survival of Brahmanas, Kshathriyas, and Vaishyas, as those entitled to access to the Vedas?  How about the survival of Brahmanas, Kshathriyas, Vaishyas, and Shoodras as the four varnas mentioned in our Vedas?  How about the survival of Vedic Dharmam?  Sanathana Dharmam?
 S Narayanaswamy Iyer


Even a lay man with peripheral acquaintance with our scriptures knows that the basic concept of our belief,  philosophy, poojas  and  Aacharanushtanas  is based on the theory that there is only ONE GOD 
‘ekam sat’  but that single supreme power is called by different names.  

When we worship before a deity of  Vishnu or Siva or Markatha valli thayar or Mariamman, the inimitable gem shines in our heart,

“Aakasath pathitham thoyam, yadha gatchadi saagarm
Sarvadeva namskara Easwaram prathigatchathi”

As water which falls from the sky flows to ocean, our namaskarams to  all Devas reach Kesava.

A number of sookthams can be quoted to support the above statement. 

ഇന്ദ്രം മിത്രം വരുണ മഗ്നി മാഹു –
രഥോദിവ്യസ്സ സുപര്ണോ ഗരുത്മാന്‍
ഏകം സദ്വിപ്രാ  ബഹുദാ വദന്തി
അഗ്നിം യമം മാതരിശ്വാനമാഹു :
Indram, Mitram, Varunam, Agnim, aahu-
radhodivyassa suparno garutmaan
Eakam sat vipra bahuda vadanthi
Agnaim, yamam, maadariswanamaahu:Meaning : This God is called Indra, Mitra, Varuna, Agni , Garuda.
It is eakam and sat- The learned call it by different names
Agni, Vayu, Yaman etc.
ഋഗ്വേദം :
സ  ഏഷ  എആഷ  ഏക വൃത്ഏക ഏവ
സര്‍വെ അസ്മിന്‍ ദേവാ ഏകവൃതോ  ഭവന്തി
Sa easha eka eak vrut eaka eava
Sarvey asmin Devaa eak vruto bhavanthi’
He is ONE. ONLY ONE; all  devas become ONE in him.
Atharva vedam
I was therefore surprised, when a senior co- member, not  an X,Y, OR Z but a vedic scholar known for his wits, wisdom and vocabulary, talked in terms of our Gods and their gods ! Proclaims he, ‘encourage them to build their own temple for gods.’ .
 He also says,  “The “non-brahmins” have their own gods.  Karuppan, Karuppaayee,”:..
No,no,no, Bramashree. Not all non brahmins. There are very few who worship karuppan and karuppayye.The rest, the majority of them, come to worship our ‘appans and aayees’, some observing fasting and other strict discipline for more than a month, walking mails bare-footed, with unalloyed bakthi. Those who go to Vaishnodevi, Varnasi, Rishikesh, Kedaranath, Badrinath,Madhura and so many other great shrines are ‘non- brahimns’ and you should go there once to see their bakthi. They may or may not have poonaal visible out side but deep in their heart, undivided devotion overflows. Otherwise they would not have spent their hard earned money for long trips which some time are risky too. Do you want all the Kshatriyas, Vysyas and soodras not to enter ‘our ‘ temples’ ! If the Nair Service society or any other non-brahmin organisations in the North, West or East read this post asking them to have their own temple—-My God ! save my beloved swajathi!.
 You can be prosecuted under law for such a disparaging statement. And being a leading lawyer you should know this..
Cherunattori Bagavthi is my kuladeivam. She holds prominently a sword in her right hand. Sword is a destructive weapon. All ‘our gods’ have some weapon or other in their hands..’Our ‘ Vishnu is ‘gadhi, saarnghi, chakri and in fact sarvapraharnayudha, Maha prabhu. Our Devi is ashtoubujanghi ,with eight hands wearing weapons in all the hands. Wearing sudha vastram, applying viboothi all over our body and then chandanam and kumkumam over it in layers,we worship her as  ‘ madhu mamsopaharaini’. . Innocent lambs who cry for their life were sacrificed beofre the Kali maatha in Calcutta and perhaps that inhuman activity is still continuing.Kali in that temple sits protruding her tongue, which they say is asking for blood.There is a Mata temple in Gohati, which I had visited but forgot the name, consecrated by no lesser soul than Adi Samkaracharaya, where birds were sacrificed. Even Kolkota Kali deity too was consecrated by Snkaracarya. In all those temples,poojaries are Brahmins, devotees mostly are ‘non brahmins’. So our Gods too demand blood sacrifice !
Because of superstition and stupidity and also greed for free flush, these ugly practices have entered our temple worships..Let us correct them. if we can.
‘Entering into trances and shouting and screaming, including mass hypnosis and hysteria’ is not the practice only in ‘their temples’. Go to Sasthapreeti. When one among us wearing poonal screams and shouts, it becomes the instant manifestation of the God  ‘Sastha vandhirukkar ‘. You know why? It is in that hysterial state that the God in sweating human form, hands over a plantain leaf bundle for our kalan, olan, avial, iditchu pizinja payasam, valia pappadam etc,etc.!!
This is not the first time that the learned brahimn is using the word ‘pandaram’. When he visited the Pazhani temple,along with this family donning freshly washed panchagatcham, with freshly collected cow milk from brahmin cow, he was shocked to see a pandram standing  near the idol, ‘kondango oothareen’ he demanded, it seems!! Our friend saw only that pantaram and forgot to watch the lovely face of Murugan or his flag or mount. This pantaram word  remains me, a folk prayer heard in childhood, ‘Andi pantaram unnai ventikontanae’ I hope that the other friend who introduced this topic will not call Pazhani Muruka Perumal as a ‘kshudra deavatha ‘ .
There are several temples in Tamil Nadu, installed by Sidhas,who are not Brahmins, being worshipped by Veda brahmanals.There are several Devi kshetrams, prominent ones, powerful ones, where poojaries are non brahmins. Each temple follows certain padathi. Namboodiries in Kerala Temples or potties in some,Deekshithars in Chitambaram etc.
I do not know  where ‘babies, three-to-five-year-old girls, virgins’ and other ‘catches’ are sacrificed.,I will report to the police if you specify the names of the temples where ‘kolaiveri’ is still in vogue.
And above all, please,please, remember that differentiating between our deivam and their deivam will only split our Hindu society further and isolate us Tamil brhmins more and more.
As mentioned by me earlier, we survive only  if our country survives.
Love and regards,.
Ocala, Baltimore.
Jan16, 2012
Dear fellow-Iyers
Just two comments:
One.    If you go round any city looking only for smelly latrines, you are sure to find a few.  If, on the other hand,  you look for clean kitchens, halls, dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, you will find a great many more  —  many more than you can count.  So with Brahmanas.
Two.  The “non-brahmins” have their own gods.  Karuppan, Karuppaayee, Chinna-karuppan, Periya-karuppan, Maareeaayee, Madurai Veeran, Mooneeaandee, Aatchee, Chinnaatchee, Periyaaatchee, Kaaval-theivam, Ayyanaar, Chengaliyappan, Veerappan, Mooneechaamee, Karuppanchaamee, Thiroupathee, Periya-aathaa, Naachiappan, Naachiammayee, and many, many more.
These demand blood-sacrifices, whether of babies, three-to-five-year-old girls, virgins, goats, sheep, fowl, or other catches.  They also demand offerings of toddy, arrack, chaaraayam, liquor distilled from reeds and grasses, from seeds and grains, from tree-bark, tree-roots, and other intoxicating liquids.
They require display and offering of torture instruments, such as ropes and cahins, cutting blades, swords, sharpened spears of bamboo, wood and metal, tridents, barbed spears, curved and double-edged long knives, cat-o-nine-tails, thumb- and finger-crushers.  The list goes on and on.
They require the infliction of pain, and the entering into trances and shouting and screaming, including mass hypnosis and hysteria, as essential parts of the worship ritual to these non-brahmin gods.
Why not encourage them to build their own temples to their own gods, and leave ours alone?  Then they can proceed to train anyone and everyone to become pandaarams there.  And drag in the crowds by display of superior techniaque and skill, not limited to “possession by spirits”  and “exorcism,” of such possessed individuals.
S Narayanaswamy Iyer
Namaskarams.  As usual, you hit the nail on the head; but I am sceptical whether this is going to change the outlook of the individual.Regarding the Gauhati temple, I presume that you are referring to Kamakhya Mandir.  This temple witnesses animal sacrifices every day.  Despite this, large number of devotees visit this temple and I had also visited in 2003.  This temple is supposed to be in the place where the Yoni of the Mother had fallen.  Hence the monthly periods are rigorously followed in this temple and since this is supposed to the Principal Temple in Assam, when Kamakhya is closed for Monthly Periods, all the other temples are also kept closed.regardssaikrishnan
You have written all that I have wanted to write.
I prepared a manuscript condemning this co-member’s e-mail, but I stopped because he is a Vedic Scholar and a very old man, so as a token of respect and I confess, fear of curse, I kept quiet.
I agree with all that you say.
Love and regards,
Bhuvaneshwar D
That was a mature and dignified reply to an arrogant snob.
I love his prose.
Never much cared for the content.
Dear Sir,
Namaskarams.  As usual, you hit the nail on the head; but I am sceptical whether this is going to change the outlook of the individual.
Regarding the Gauhati temple, I presume that you are referring to Kamakhya Mandir.  This temple witnesses animal sacrifices every day.  Despite this, large number of devotees visit this temple and I had also visited in 2003.  This temple is supposed to be in the place where the Yoni of the Mother had fallen.  Hence the monthly periods are rigorously followed in this temple and since this is supposed to the Principal Temple in Assam, when Kamakhya is closed for Monthly Periods, all the other temples are also kept closed.
NB:  Hope you will be pardon me for pointing out- your mail could have been edited to weed out the errors in spellings.  Normally I love reading your mails ( this mail is no exception ) and hence thought of pointing out this.  My apologies to you in case I have offended you.
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