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You know only how to count the thread on the chest

As usual, I am delighted and not at all surprised at the, vituperate, vulturous onslaught of my respected Anna , the great Veda Brhamana of our forum, at me. He has chosen in his wisdom, which is indisputable, to attack Sri. Mahadevan Venkitasubbaiyer also, just for the sake of his agreeing with my views as expressed in some posts. Further, he, again in his wisdom, which is indisputable, clubs us and calls us as ” two tortured Shudra (or lower) pitiful spirits, unwillingly trapped in Brahmin bodies  —  shouting, screaming, and struggling desperately to get out” .
I will not revolt if I am called a Shudra, as I know well that I am not fit to occupy the high pedestal of a Brahmana, as per the standards set by our Veda Brahmanan. But how can my spirit be lower and pitiable, I do not know. And ‘tortured’ ? How and by whom ? No God tortures as Anna threatens often and if by oversight the God had done that, will I have the capacity to sing His glory day and night ? Go to the Krishnaswamy temple at Perinkulam village. My ‘Navaneetha Krishna Navakam’ is displayed on the wall by the temple authorities and before doing that they asked me to hold that laminate board and follow the idol mounted on an elephant and do pradakshinam for the chariot which was about to be adorned by the Lord. Tears rolled from my eyes. How will you understand such sentiments and inner relationship between a Jeevatma and Paramtma ? While talking about a great soul whom millions of this country and from outside revere as a God who walked on earth, your eyes were  looking only for the “vomiting in public eggs secreted in hand-towel”. What a pity !
Yes, I pity you Anna. It is your spirit which is pitiable and not mine. All your Vedic knowledge is used only to spite others and spit at their face.
And ‘unwillingly trapped in brahmin bodies !!!” How do you know this Sir. You should be a real yogi. You seems to know much more than what I did. Oh, man! How did you know so certainly about my entry into my mother’s womb? in which corner of the Palakkad Raja’s house, where I was born, were you hiding?
And ” shouting, screaming, and struggling desperately to get out”. No Sir, never. I am happy with the way I am and I,  neither shout nor scream or struggle to come out of this body. I want to live at least your age. What a marvelous life God has given me ! Last week I had been to Bombay and Lucknow to attend a wedding and reception party and I could dance along with hundreds of men and women, boys and girls on the road, following the bride groom on the horse back and the next day I could sing ‘Kala harana mela ra Hare, Seetharama ‘ standing in front of a Rama temple in Lucknow. I can sing equally emotionally before a Karuppuchami or Ramchamay or Mariatha temple anywhere. For me, all those deities, irrespective of the names they are given, irrespective of the poojaries there, Vekuchami or Valliammai, throb with divinity. And you say, Anna that I am ‘desperately struggling to get out’  Never.
And now comes the most important part – your learned observation about my stories. I am really excited to note that a scholar like you not only read them but also has taken the trouble of criticizing them. To be frank, I consider it as a great achievement. I never knew that you are an art critic too.
About your observation on Parsumrama vadhyaar, I have only to say that a person like you who knows only to count the number of threads on the chest of a man and cannot go an inch further and definitely not deep into one’s heart, will never understand the intricacies of love . Reason is simple. You have never loved another soul nor have been loved by anyone.
So, leave my Vaadyar to his fate. People have wept after reading that story and the one on my Kamu.
But I take serious objection to your cruel treatment of my Vaikkathashtami story.*
Every letter, every sentence, every paragraph in that story is soaked in pure love, bakhthi for my Vaikkathappan. And, you , a Veda Brhamanan, like a  crow which looks for excreta alone in a heap of flowers and fruits , could see only sex in my relationship with that girl, who, like a daughter, holding my hand, moves around the temple prakaram, just because she doesn’t belong to your caste ? Hell with your caste feeling.
I was proud of you Sri. Iyer, till now. Now I am ashamed of you.  Now my spirit is  “shouting, screaming, and struggling desperately to get out” of your company.
* For the benefit of those who have not read this story,  I am reproducing it in the appendix.
Love and regards,
June 13, 2011                                                                   
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Subject: [Iyer123] The Walrus and the Carpenter

Dear fellow-Iyers The Walrus and the Carpenter
Were walking on the strand
They wept like anything to see
Such quantities of sand
“If only it were swept away”
They said, “wouldn’t it be grand?” Sri Mahadevan Venkitasubbiar’s repeated total support of habitual master of misrepresentation Sri Sivasubramanian Perinkulam reminds me of Lewis Carroll’s immortal caricatures.  I hesitate to draw a parallel to the Semitic Scriptures’ graphic portrait of the blind leading the blind. Examples of the entwining (“I am in total agreement….”) of the inseparable twins:  “Navagraha Homam” and “Mr Sai Baba vomiting in public eggs secreted in hand-towels (video-recorded by BBC and seen by millions worldwide)” contexts. The speculation might well arise whether we have here two tortured Shudra (or lower) pitiful spirits, unwillingly trapped in Brahmin bodies  —  shouting, screaming, and struggling desperately to get out.
The chest-thumping self-described English literature all-time supreme genius and critic — who cannot distinguish between William Shakespeare’s tragic play “Macbeth” and William Wordsworth’s nature poems (the “Vernam Wood” triumph); who does not know what “aerodynamics” or “esoteric” means (the “most discussed topic in all scripture” episode);  who cannot differentiate between “lament” and “lamentation” and presumably has not even heard of the Book in the Old Testament attributed to Jeremiah (“Revenge, Oh Girls” controversy); who is unable to understand that his idol Comrade VS Achuthanandan’s “atheism” is but one aspect of “true secularism”;  who defiantly flings around words like “sophistry”,
“vituperative” and “averred” regardless of their meaning and of their relevance or suitability for use in the contexts — has no compunction against turning on, and savaging, any non-conformist comments by Sri C M Venugopal, Sri V Muralidharan, and others who dare to cross his path. 
He confuses the saintly PKR (Brahmashri P K Ramakrishnan, who inter alia painstakingly compiles the precious lists of Tamil Brahmanas) with PRR (Parachchi-Petta expert P R Radhakrishnan, who loses no opportunity to put down Brahmanas and elevate outcastes to divinity status.) (vide the recent “Ever Wiling to Join” affair.)
This “genius”, who quotes BG at the drop of a pin, is unaware of the existence of the Rig Vedam;  and rejects wholly and vehemently the authority of the Purusha Sooktham and other Vedic texts, of divine origin. 
He is unaware that the BG is but a tiny part of one battle-saga involving one of the ten avathaarams of one of three Thrimoorthis who themselves are but three manifestations (or conceptions) of the One great Parabrahmam (or Paraashakthi). Where the words of the BG apparently (or obviously) conflict with the clear proclamations of the Vedams, which is the higher authority for us to accept?
To him, the Vedic identity “Shudra” is abhorrent, abominable, detestable, and bereft of dignity;  and it emanates out of arrogance.  (By extension, all of our revered Scriptures are similarly tainted, and to be condemned.) What he really means is that, to him, it is the Vedic identity of “Brahmana” which is abhorrent, abominable, detestable, etc. His true “Shudra” being writhes in agony, imprisoned in a Brahmana body. (Like the fabled woman wailing for her demon lover?) Would Euthanasia not be a merciful release? A yeoman service, to be welcomed with wide-open arms as an end to needless suffering?
He trumpets that “to call all (non-Brahmanas) as Shudras, is an arrogant assertion…” (Do we all do that?) He does not know, or forgets, that the Vedams also recognise the existence of two other dwijas (Kshathriyas and Vaishyas).  (Yes, I have met them in real life recently.) And, he equally does not know that, far below the Shudras, are the cow-flesh consuming out-castes, non-Hindus with their own flesh-eating, alcohol-drinking, drug-taking, tobacco- and other leaf-smoking Kaaval Deivams such as horse-mounted giant Ayyanaar, Peria-Karuppan, Chinna-Karuppan, Karuppaan-chaami, Karuppaan-haayi, Periya-aathaa, Periya-Aachi, Chinna-aachi, Mathurai-veeran, Muniandi, Muthu-karuppan. (Again, yes, I have met them recently.)
His companion gleefully revels in broadcasting the juicy fiction of meeting Kuttymalu (“little woman” in Malayalam,) a snow-white sari-clad (voluptuous?) good-looking and charming outcaste Malayali woman at the Vaikkathappan (Shivan) temple in Vaikom, South Kerala, during a 12-day grand temple festival.
Magically (but not at all surprisingly), they “click” instantly; entwine hands, escape from the swirling crowds, and retire to commune in the dark shadows of the deserted temple kitchen. They then spend hours together as a cosy two-some, wandering round the temple grounds hand-in-hand, chatting and sitting under the “golden flag post”, and so on.
Before parting from the snow-white sari-clad super-friendly outcsste woman late at night, Sri Sivasubramanian Perinkulam tells his companion, “I like you, Kuttymalu,” hugs her and holds her close, and announces, “I am a beast.” (QED?)
Another dramatic modern puranic story invented for us by clever Sri Sivasubramanian Perinkulam involves an orthodox sanctified practising South Indian Brahmin priest, no less. Lo and Behold — Brahmasri Parasurama Vaadhyaar! This worthy summons a meeting of all the village “elders” under the temple flag-post, tells them a home truth or two about how Brahmins are to be despised and their way of life discarded and, wonder of wonders, gets clamorous unanimous approval to marry a Nair servant-girl half his age, and to take her into his house as his three children’s stepmother. And, of course as his bed-companion. Hip, hip, hooray! (Whether this was the traditional Nair “sambantham”, or a Brahmana “kannika-dhaanam” is not clear.
Perhaps Sri Sivasubramanian Perinkulam will favour us with a sequel in which the Nair woman’s children top all University and post-graduate examinations, attain prestigious PhD’s, travel to Ameyrikka, accumulate millions plus white Christian spouses, and return to become Chief Ministers or Governors in States in India. And Kuttymalu’s issue become Prime Minister and Federal Ministers in New Delhi, after indoctrination in the faith of their Middle East spouses and producing a brood of “genuine Indians”. Sri Sivasubramanian Peribkulam will be the revered new Veda-Vyaasa chronicling Bhaaratha-Maathaa’s new-found egalitarian Allahu-Akhbar proletariat.
Long life to the Walrus and the Carpenter of today.
S Narayanaswamy Iyer
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