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Unlike his father

After confirming from my son that he hasn’t t already chosen a girl for pairing, I started searching for one and within a day or two, located a girl  through the net, showed the profile to my son and when he conveyed his approval, sent his horoscope to the girl’s father with a note that I am prepared to accept his astrologer’s verdict as I am not keen on the horoscope- matching.

He called me immediately and said,’ the girl’s star is the third from that of the boy’s and therefore—,”  he paused for a moment and continued ,” ‘my wife says…” .
I intervened, “the counting is done from the star of the girl in which case there is stree ——deer——–rgham, I presume”
He did not say ‘yes’ or ‘no’  but posed a question as to which part of Kerala we belong to.
” The boy’s mother was from the south, me from the middle and the boy was born and raised in Hyderabad. You are free to decide his nativity” I told him.
His wife was probably prompting him from behind ( I am not sure as there was no web camera connection ) and wanted some details about the boy,which I offered as below:
“He did his engineering in Hyderabad, MS from the Massachusetts Institute and is now working for Vonage.  Unlike his father, he is intelligent, good looking, tall, and speaks truth always. Unlike his father again, who used to, during his young days, occasionally enjoy  a cigarette or two as well as a sip or two  of Italian wine in parties, the boy doesn’t smoke, drink or eat meat. Unlike his father once again, who stands before any vertical object which resembles an idol of worship, spends hours together praying and singing, this son of mine does not visit a temple nor has any pictures of the Gods in his room.He might perhaps change when a woman enters his life, as his elder brother has”…
“I really like you and the way you talk”. He expressed his satisfaction.
“Excuse me sir,” I interrupted, “you seems to have forgotten that the proposal is for my son “
“Yes,I know, I know”  Thank God. He continued, ‘”my wife says that if your son’s star can be pushed a bit either to the front or  to the back– “

‘Extremely sorry, gentle man” I had to close the conversation,” My son is a straight- forward boy   and he may not agree to your proposal of shifting. And one more ‘unlike his father’,  the very last one, he has never pulled or pushed a girl while commuting in a crowded bus in Hyderabad “

“Aren’t you the same ‘sagotram’ appearing with an ugly, arrogant face in the Iyer group?” His voice now become better audible and melodious.

‘Yes Sir, yes sir,three bags full!” I replied with equal enthusiasm in talking to a net friend.and continued. “‘But unlike his father’s Atchuth’s face is not.ugly or —-“

He was not there to respond.  ‘Pahavaane Saranam!” May the God help our children to get suitable
partners in life.
In the meantime, Atchuth changed his mind and asked me to wait for an year before I start discussing about the star-shifting again. .”‘Age is in my favor.  Isn’t it so,dad ?” he quipped..

‘”It is, Atchu. you can afford to wait for two years” I said though hurriedly I wanted to add, “‘but your star—” I didn’t complete the sentence, but, instead, remarked,  partially shutting the eye lids and slowly lifting the head upwards, “Pahavaane Saranam !”
Ocala, Florida
May 24, 2010
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