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“Holding a lamp in your hand and anxiety in your long lovely eyes, whom are you searching for, my child?”
” I am looking for my Kannan. Who are you grandpa, tottering with a weathered body and a dry stick?”
“Instead of asking me who I am, ask yourself “who am I ?”
“The cows are back home but not the herd. The sky is overcast with black clouds threatening a devastating down pour anytime; they collide with  boisterous war cries shaking the roots and roof of my soul. The ghostly storm rocks and sways violently the city and citadels and I am worried why my precious one has not come back home yet.”
“Ha, ha; you are searching for the one who creates the storms and absorbs it? Look Yasodha, where is the storm? The slumbering sky is silently rocking clouds in her palm and the meditating trees have already put their leaves to sleep. the  storm is within you, not outside? Close your eyes and look deep within”
“Within me? Let me do as you command.
“Yes; You are right, grandpa; the seismic sea waves are swallowing the lands and mountains and I see a great snake with thousand hoods emerging out of the deep sea.
‘Atha dikshu vidukshuparikshupitha
Bramithodharavari ninadhaparai
Udagadudagad uragathipathi-
“Who is this monstrous sea animal and where did he come from, grandpa? His eyes emit fire and tongues pour out poison burning everything far and near”
“He is Kaliya and he has surfaced from the cavern of your mind. In fact, he hides in every mind and manifests when there is a violent volcanic eruption”
“Will this cruel animal attack my child also when he grows to a man?”
“kannan is beyond all attachments and the snake is nothing but your attachment, Yasodha”
“Is it undesirable to have attachment to my own son?”
“Attachment is never unpriced”
“the sun’s rays and  cloud”s showers are for every animated and non-animated beings. You want to make  the sun which provides heat and light to the sun, your own. You want to hold the cloud which moves in the vast expanse motivating all clouds, in your little cloth sachet hanging from your apparel?  Is it not greediness, Yasodha?  Sorrow soaks your heart waiting for Kannan . you  become angry, jealous and sad when you fail to capture the universe within your cupped palm.Is it not so? Why are you silent, Yasodha?”
“I hear a rhythmic beat from within”

“Those are your Kannan’s little legs pounding on your greed, anger and jealousy- his dance over Kaliya’s hoods”.

“I hear a lovely tune from the flute of my child; the harmony sweeps through my nerves. What is happening to me, grand pa?”
‘Look within. The divine dance has started”
“Wah, what a sight is this! My little one is dancing on the horrific head of Kaliya and the angels are enjoying the sight by raining flowers. The whole sky is filled with glistening stars and scented breeze is enveloping the earth. My heart- beats resonates with the tune of his movement.
‘Ruchira kampitha kundala manditha
Suchirameesa! na narthitha pannagea
Amarathaditha dundhubhisundaram
Viyathi gayathi deivathayaouvanea”
“It is the  divine dance of life, Yasodha. It continues. Look again and tell me what you see now.”
“The turbulent sea has turned into a tranquil pond of clear water and I see lotus flowers every where”
“And  my Kannan is floating on a banyan leaf, biting his tiny toe navigated by his tiny hand. In the spread of lotus flowers, it is hard to identify my child, whose each limb resembles a lotus .
Kararavindena padaravindam
Mukaravinde vinivesayantham
Vadasya pathrasya pude sayantham
Balam Mukundam manasawaramy’
“How lovely is this sight! It was you who opened my eyes to see this magnificent scene. Who are you grandpa, tottering with a weathered body and a dry stick?”
“Instead of asking me who I am, ask yourself “who am I ?”
“I see neither me nor you, a rickety old man nor the trees or anything around, other than a luminance radiating peace and joy.

“‘Agrepasyami thejo nibhidatharakala -yaavalee lobhaneeyam
Peeyooshaplavithoham thadhanu thaadhudare, divyakaisora vesham
Tharunyarambaha ramyam paramasukharasaswada romanjithaier,
Aveetham Naradadiar vilasdupanishat sundaree mandalaicha.
I see before me a heavenly extravaganza in the form of an exceptionally handsome and extremely sublime human form at the threshold of youth, fully ornamented, overflowing with compassion. Immersed in the nectar of absolute peace , I am enjoying the unalloyed blitz and freedom of the eternal. Are you not my little child whom I tied to a post to prevent his moments, without knowing that he is the mover of the sun, moon, earth and other planets? Are you not the tiny one whom I tried to encompass within my hands without realizing that the whole universe is encompassed by you? Are you not the sovereign power that sways over the universe, who came in the form of an old man to open my jaundiced eyes?

I am now free from, adversity, sorrow, perplexity, greed or jealousy. I behold the world now as your very image. I see nothing before me other than your enchanting divine form.Who am I Baghavan?”
YOU ARE THAT. തത്വമസി  മാതേ  तत्त्वमसि माते  tattwamasi mathey

Aug 17, 2008

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  1. Kaliaya Mardhanam by Mr.Perinkulam is pure lyrical beauty and is enchanting.
    Mahadevan Venkitasubbiar,

  2. wonderful way of explaining a few stanzas of narayaneeyam Sir..

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