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Whose country-God's or demon's?

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I beg to disagree, totally, with the views of Sri.Krishnan, expressed in his article “Kerala-communists’ own country”.
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Parasurama was a symbolic representation of spirituality and Brahminical  force which subjugated the rude physical force of Kshathriyas. His axe would have chopped  several warrior heads but it is beyond my comprehension that it would have carved out a peace of land out of the sea, though the great saint would have achieved the feat by his yogic powers and used his axe to cut the trees and bushes for the creation of temples. Rishies were able to do much more without an axe or a sword. You may ask, “why didn’t he use the same yogic powers to cut trees?”  Sir, these are stories and let us not argue beyond this..
The sickle and hammer depicted on the communist flags represent agricultural and industrial man power. The sickle is used generally for cutting grains or blades of tall grass and rarely for cutting the heads. So is the use of hammer. Those are not destructive weapons but tools for production. Our comrades would have used a sword or AK 47 gun (which they would have got as a gift from Russia),  if they wanted an armament for their flag.
Vamana , the diminutive human form in the biological evolution of man, immediately after the animal and then the animal cum human manifestation was to foretell how man could grow and expand to an unbelievably huge stature so as to cover the entire universe and still be left with ten finger ( some) space.”Athyathishta dasangulam”.
And you call Mahabali, who bowed  in obeisance to the unexpectedly magnified celestial power and  willingly offered his head to keep up his word and his vow not to deny anything to anyone who came to his door step with a begging bowl? If the part of an ever expanding majestic manifestation could be accommodated on his head how big it would have been and how great that man who bore that head on his shoulder was? Let such ‘demons’ visit not once,but every day,not only one state but the entire world. Will you at least agree with me that he was in fact not pushed down but propelled to a Himalayan height of perpetual bliss and perennial glory?  Krishnan, how many had the blissful privilege to carry that ”Brahma kadukina padamu” ? You can count them on your fingers. I recall instantly, only one human, Ahalya and she had to wait for ages, under the vagaries of weather, in the form of a stone. Mahabali got that bliss unsolicited  and you call him a ‘demon’?
I do not know which musical competition you are mentioning where a non Hindu was selected as a topper. If it is the ‘idea star singer’, I happened to view several sessions,before leaving India though I could not cover the last few sessions when the topper was selected. If memory is not failing me, the ‘’ showed Thushar as the topper and his performance for the final was superb though some of his earlier  ones were not much appreciated by me. I am not a music expert and my judgment is purely a layman’s.Tushar sounds a Hindu name though not brahminical. Anyway I am least bothered about anyone’s cast or creed ; I go only by the quality, character and,contribution of a person. Music and art, fortunately do not get strangulated within the borders of caste or creed. Yeshudas and Rahman are our contemporaries and I am sure that you would have heard about them even if you have not heard them, because they are not ‘asmadies’, our own people!.
I was amazed at the musical talents blossoming from the participants of the above competition, especially from the children of  non-brahmin or non-Hindu families. “The future of our music is safe in their hands” I thought and rejoiced. There were days when every Brahmin agraharam used to reverberate with the melody of Carnatic music and today our boys and girls have no time or inclination to sing . By calling the mother of all languages, Sanskrit as divine and not allowing it to go beyond our four walls, we lost that wonderful hereditary asset . Let that not happen to our music also. Music, like language,spreads through usage and caste or creed has no roll in that.
Frankly, I do not have any idea about the “malefic activities”of the Kerala Government or the temple management there but about the Makrajyothy, I would like to know the truth and it should not be difficult to prove whether it is a natural phenomenon or man-made nonsense. I believe that our religious beliefs and spiritual thoughts are capable of standing on their own legs without the support of magic or mesmerism.
And finally Krishnan, I visited your website and found that you are a ‘Garuda’ flying at a great height. How did you nosedive in this article?

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  1. Good reply , well said. Blind anti-ism is the fashion of the day.
    R Sahasranman [Naman]

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