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Not a bad Idea!

” Hallo ,Venkittu, Appa here”
” from where ? Terrace?
‘No,  from the City hospital;  emergency ward.”
“What made you to go there, Appa?  To sell some surgical instruments?’
“No. The police brought me in an ambulance.”
‘Oh! But why? You were cutting the tree branches some time ago, in our garden . Wanted to sell some fruits to the police department/ ”
“No that. while gardening,  I had an urge to play golf and..”
”And you took  the  four wheeler and rushed, eh?”
‘No, I tried to board the bus, which was in motion and slipped on the road”
“Appa, you have crossed 90 and the Hyderabad roads are most unsafe to travel even for a person of my age. You could have at least gone by the two wheeler.  Anyway, glad that you are safe. Is the golf  kit ok?”
“It is .But I don’t see the lower portion of my  left arm”
“Only the lower portion and that too of the left hand?  Then don’t worry. I will be going for the pensioners’ meet  shortly. I shall pick it up from the road and hand over to you in the hospital.”
“Take your own time, Venkittu. But look for my half-a-dozen missing teeth also on the road”
“Don’t worry dad. You have still two dozen glazing teeth in perfect state”
“Hope you are coming by the two wheeler? ”
” No.  Your daughter in law has taken it to the dance club .  She is celebrating her 60th birthday with her friends.”
“Let her enjoy.  My blessings to her.  How are you commuting?”
“I will come by bus. Your elder son has taken the four wheeler to the swimming pool, I am told.”
“Look. There is a road block near the bus terminus and no buses are stopping there.”
‘That is O.K. Appa. The bus will slow down near the  signals and I will jump into it”
“That is not a bad idea, my son”

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