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The wish of every father, every mother


The Sun yet to shine bright,                                                                                                                                The women yet to tie their plait.                                                                                                                          Why hurry for breakfast
Where you for a week, on fast?

Is it fair, not to share
Even with the lady dear
Seated so near?

Little Sidhu cried for milk,
For me, dad’s blessing clicked!
He didn’t say, ‘you’ll become rich
He didn’t say, ‘you’ll build a castle’

He said, ‘you won’t suffer
For want of food,
For want of clothes’
And I haven’t so far!
And I haven’t so far!

I see before my eyes
Young and able guys
Unable to eat, unable to drink.
Food they have in plenty
But, die stomach empty,
Their body machine’s wreck
Play havoc.

Like my father, I too pray
‘Let my children never suffer
For want of food
For want of clothes,
Let none in the world suffer
For food or clothes, ever’

Is not that the wish of every father?
Is not that the wish of every mother?






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