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Sondi’ in Telugu is dry ginger powder. ‘Sundi’ in Malayalam is the one who gets easily irritated, gets angry.

Old people of good old days , most of them, were Sundis. Respecting their age and position in the family, youngsters didn’t revolt. Now, mostly the youngsters are living separate. The old man living with his wife cannot afford to turn Sundi as she is his sole supporter. Moreover, love between couple blossoms in the old age. That is what people say  Higher the age, higher the affection and attachment between couple. Again , that is what people say!

I belong to the old group but I’m not a Sundi . I just could not afford as I was, for the past two decades living looking after my younger brother whose general health as well as hearing capacity is my below mine. No scope to exhibit my Sundi! Really bad!

If  I shout ‘Vuchaaaaaa, you idiot!’ He will respond by saying ‘ no Anna, I had my kAppi already !’

In USA , my children behave in such a way that I never feel that I’m neglected, ignored. Or may be, by nature, I’m ‘cool ‘, ( as youngsters often say ) in this mostly cold climate . Or may be my heat level has come down due to shortage of gas in my cylinder.  I get Sundi at times only at God but my Kartha doesn’t care!

But still , I do,  at times , become a Sundi but the smart youngsters here change my mood by offering a cup of wine or an extra cup of fresh decoction kAppi or praise me about my stories, poems or music though none in my family has the habit of going through what I write! If nothing works , Meghana mention the name of schoolmate or colleague and ask:

‘The girl who praised your moustache was SyAmu or KAmu?’

There was a Sundi +++ whom I haven’t met but have heard many stories about his loosing temper.

‘Did his wife spray  ‘Sondi’ ( dry ginger powder ) on his front and back lower holes?’

That was a cruel and nasty way of talking about an old man by an old man but You might perhaps know that oldies at time go on cloud nine when talking nonsense!

The reply brought tears to my years!

His daughter, (who was majestically charming at the age of 70 when I met her) was married to a handsome boy from a rich family , when she was 9/10 in a grand ceremony. She returned as a widow within a few months. The young man was ruthless murdered in a land dispute. The father was getting old seeing his widowed daughter right before his eyes for the past 60 years !

One would have gone mad . He didn’t. He turned a Sundi!

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