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Live your life

Live your life, please, especially if you’re young. Living is living, not going to work and earning money alone, not eating and drinking alone, not raising a family and nourishing them alone, though all those and many more are part of life.

Living, apart from all the above,  is just enjoying the biggest treasure the Supreme God has given you, that is your life and rising your eyes once a while and thanking your life -giver, ‘oh, what a wonderful life you have given me, my Lord, though there are worries, problems.

I’m alive today by your grace. Yes, I’m alive and thank you for that. And having a body with a beating heart in it and eyes which can see, mouth which can consume food and talk, waste discharging units in function – what more do I need, my Lord !’

I’m sharing this thought with you, as I’m shivering with fear, when I hear the word ‘Corona’ 

Nothing but stupidity. Is it not ? 

Fearing Death at 80 plus!! 

What is there to fear ? I have lived my full life with children and their children, siblings, their children, with money more than enough to meet my requirements, fairly good health and above all love, compassion, affection from family, extended families and other relatives and friends. 

If I love my life at this advanced age, how much you should? 

So, live your life, please! And once a while, close eyes for a few seconds and thank God, for what He has given you.


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