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Ammalu is always right

‘Ammalu, I’m an old man, poet in heart. I see beauty in Nature, women, trees, hills, everywhere. You can’t ask me to close my eyes and walk on the street’.

‘I never asked you to close your eyes and walk on the street. I said, ‘shut your mouth when you see women’’


Ammalu, did you notice in the Onam party, Ammini, Paru and Parukutti, all the three wore saris with the same border’

‘How do you?  They were sitting along with me and away from you’

‘I saw from the back, Ammalu’

‘Why are you still at their back? What is your age,SP?’


‘Naathaa, naathaa, buy me a diamond necklace! Now, now, please. And take me to an English movie. Let us celebrate Onam in a grand way’

‘Stop that raspy barking of a funny fox’

‘As you wish. Shall I call you my Lord?’

‘Don’t open your mouth at all. Your silence for an hour  is equal to my pension amount for the whole year’


Ammalu, standing mouth -opened like a statue at the entrance?  Come and collect these bags from my hands, you good-for-nothing old woman!’

‘SP, you went for Onam shopping wearing the 

Kerala sari Ammini gifted to me! You couldn’t differentiate a sari from your mundu, dothi? And I’m a good -for nothing?’


‘Diabetes is dangerous with no treatment ; 

Wife is dangerous even with good treatment’

What do you say,  Ammalu?’

‘What to say? Your response to my treatment is poor and I should think of alternate methods to bring you back to normalcy’

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