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Pranamams to all Ganapathies

Man is born selfish and I can’t be an exception. Close to Kalpathy Shivan kovil, Kshipraprasada Ganapathy is there. A few yards away Mandakara Mahaganapathy dwells. But, my practice has been rush to Chathapuram, crack a coconut before God and come out after darisanam with the satisfaction that all the obstacles on the path to my success have vanished ! Only during my recent visit, I went to the Mandakara temple, as it is adjacent to the function hall of my interest. 

This time too, I went to the Chathapuram Ganesh temple . After cracking a coconut on the granite slab, I enjoyed the sound emanated from the metal wall and expressed my happiness to a mama standing nearby. 

Apparently, he was standing there for a long time or he used to stand there every day watching many devotees cracking coconuts. He didn’t, therefore, take my observation with the seriousness it deserved. For me, however, that sound was enjoyable. The only lapse was I forgot to pray God but that has been my general practice. If not for knowing my problems what for is my Lord sitting there? 

Frankly speaking what problems do I have? Getting food in time, getting good sleep, varieties of clothes I have, friends are there to recognize and smile at me wherever I go, sons, daughter, daughters in law, son in law, sambandhies and their sambandhies are all kind to me,  the good I eat and the water I drink goes down and not up, I have enough money in my wallet always to buy a soda when I go out- does one need anything more other these facilities? 

Pranamams to that Ganapathy whether he belongs to Chathapuram or Puthiya Kalpathy or my TVM Arsummoodu or Pazhavangadi. 

I like all Ganapathies as they all like modakams and appams. 

I will continue liking them as long as they continue liking modakams and appams. 

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