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Ammalu is always right

‘Ammalu, am I fit only to eat iddlies?’

‘Certainly not. Who said so?’

‘Your dear mom’

‘I have to rethink’

‘You have to rethink ? OK. Rethink. Let me, in the meantime, to prove my mettle, climb the coconut and mango trees and remove the fruits. Or shall I dive into the well and pick up the bucket, your mom dumped in it ?’

‘Don’t do such things. I will give a much simpler task. Separate these two  tumblers which got stuck , one into the other’


‘Ammalu, is it not an accepted fact that man needs woman to cook food for him—-‘

‘Spoon feed him and give a kick at the back’

‘Spoon feeding fine. Why kick ?’

‘How will otherwise, the food move into the stomach?’

‘So, my perception of woman is not accurate’

‘Your perception about her purpose and function is absolutely idiotic’ 


‘Ammini, Oh, my God! Ammalu, I forgot  your name for a moment due to my aging and for no other reason. I’m sure you’ll understand’

‘Sorry for the delay, Doctor, I will get your fees now’

‘I’m your doctor? I’m your husband. You forgot me, cranky woman!’

‘Doctor Bapu Rao! Are you OK?’

‘I’m not OK. I have gone mad with a wife like you’

‘Who am I ? Ammini or Ammalu?’

‘You’re Ammalu, my wife, one and my only wife, my goddess’

‘Sure? No memory loss?’

‘No, loss at all. Only gain after you joined me’

‘Who is Ammini?’ 

‘Ammini? Who ‘s that ? I have never heard that name ‘

‘If that name again comes from your mouth?’

‘You’ll call the doctor!’

‘Thank you. You can go to sleep now’



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