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Imaginary relationships

Imaginary relationship breaks like fried papods!

I got up from my front seat in the bus to provide accommodation for a lady, just out of courtesy and also paid for her ticket as a matter of respect for a graceful woman. 

‘You’re great, I admire you’, she applauded and enquired, 

‘Where do you stay, Sir?’

I told her the location along with street and door numbers.

‘Come to the Habsiguda Central Park and call my name. I’ll come running ‘

Came back home smiling with total satisfaction of gaining a new friend, a damsel directly from the heaven .

Waited for several days for her call from the Central Park , prepared  to run. I was certain that we had become close friends, though we had met only once in the running bus for about ten minutes! 

I made half a dozen trips in the same bus subsequently, hoping to meet her, all in vain.

I was about to go for a bus trip again when she did come home, holding a dog in one hand and a twenty rupee note in the other.

‘Hello, kind gentleman ! Here is your ten rupees returned with thanks and keep an extra ten, to pay for my ticket next time when we meet! 

Imaginary friendship breaks like fried pappads


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