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Ammalu is always right

‘Ammalu, a Mahamuni says that beauty is to be appreciated, wherever it is found, even in a woman. What you say?’

‘Tell him that I never tolerate insensible talk even from my husband’

‘Ammalu, why drag me? It was my Guru who said that, not me’

‘Then, tell your Guru, to get married and tell his wife what he said to you, if he has guts!’


Ammalu, is this the way to talk to a big man?’

‘Certainly not’

‘Then, why did you talk to me like that?’

‘As you’re not a big man; you’re my man’


‘Ammalu, never, ever try to hide from me anything about you. I can read your face, closing my eyes’

‘I won’t as I know you’re an expert in reading, closing your eyes. You read the clinical thermometer reading very accurately as 108.4 and confirmed that you have high fever’


Ammalu, allopathy and homeopathy, no help. Consulted our Ayurvedam specialist Kottanchukkadhi vArier. ‘There is one remedy’, he says after referring to the Ashtanga hridayam Vydyasastram book.

‘Ask your wife to message your legs for 41 nights before going to bed. You’ll be cured In 41 days’

‘For such a simple remedy, should your Kottanchukkathi consult a big book? Come on, let us go to your bedroom’

S‘Ammalu, not now. Vaidyar said, ‘before going to bed at night’

‘Your AshtAngam is totally confused. If the treatment is for 41 nights, how can the pain vanish in 41 days?  I’ll look for a better Vaidyar. Till then sit in a corner pressing your legs’

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