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Ammalu is always right

Ammalu, among my New Year Pledges, one related to you is, ‘how to improve my understanding about my wife?
In reciprocation, I too expect you to take a similar pledge. What you say?’


‘Say something , please’

‘OK. Even if we live together for another one hundred years, you won’t understand me. So, your pledge will be a waste.

About the reciprocality, I have understood you on the very first day of our marriage, when you cautioned me, even before tying the mangalasootram: ‘Keep an eye on the gifts you will be receiving. Your mom will quietly remove those”

’Wish you have remained as you were, when I married you, the soft spoken, sweet seventeen girl, Ammalu’

‘How could it be possible, SP ? I have grown old. I’m not like you to remain unchanged with the Irritating, illogical, eve-teasing , egocentric habits’

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