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Ammalu is always right

“SP, I sent you to our club to pass on an urgent message and not to give a  talk. And what rubbish did you say there ? 

‘A quote from your scholar husband,  Ammalu’, they said and sent me this: 

‘Take care of your husband. Take care of your ball point pens too.

If you don’t have a ball point pen, you can easily borrow one. If your husband is not traceable , you can’t borrow. 

And remember refills available for ball point pen. Only for ballpoint pens’’

‘Ammalu, they gave me a standing ovation. They gave me big claps. ‘

‘Those claps were slaps on my face’

‘How, you were not there!’

‘Now, I’m here. I will starve you for the whole day. And I will throw away your books, iPad, iPhone and give you one ball point pen with a dozen refills’

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