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Ammalu is always right

‘Ammalu,, don’t you keep a spare key for our Godrej locker? Don’t you keep a spare gas cylinder in the kitchen?’

‘Yes, I do. Why, you want to keep a spare woman in the house?’

‘Ammalu, how silly you’re! Is it the way to talk to your husband?’

‘It is and I know your mind. If you want to have another woman, go ahead. But be sure that your body has the strength to face her hugs as well as her kicks. And remember hug is for the whole body and kicks anywhere on the body’


‘Ammalu, with my unique intelligence, unparalleled wisdom, unalloyed capabilities, I would have gone up far, far high, but someone, (how to name that person?) is pulling me down’

‘I’m that ‘someone ‘. I’m pulling you down as It is not safe to go further up, as many satellites are moving around in high altitudes and I’m not sure how your unique intelligence etc, etc, will help you to avoid a celestial crash’


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