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Ammalu is always right

‘Ammalu,  our friends tell me that you too look of my age, though you are younger to me by more than ten years’

‘Be specific. Your friends or my friends?’’

‘Your friends, of course. My friends in fact appreciate your youthful appearance’

‘Thank you. You said it. Close the issue’


‘Ammalu, you may forget your birthday, but not mine.. What special sweet, what special gift you’re presenting me on my birthday ?’

‘Anything you ask, SP. Anything you ask for. Today, only today’

‘Wha, how sweet your words are!
Your words are sweet. Your adaram maduram, your vadanam maduram’

‘Get up, hmm, get up. Sit before the picture of Lord Krishna and sing that hymn’

‘Ammalu, I sang it before you with a purpose ‘

‘I know that purpose. For sweets’

‘No, not sweets. How to explain to you?’

‘Shall I call my mom?’

‘Calling mom when I came near you was a sixty year old practice. Why now?

‘Madhuram Konjam jAsthiaayittuthu. Your maduram has gone beyond tablet level. Now, what you need is a shot’

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