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Ice cream share

Kids get ice cream without asking, but not me
So, I cried like a kid, argued like an young son
Pestered like an old man
And earned my ice cream!

Unique is the happiness of sharing
Ice cream with kids,
Secret with a trusted friend
House with own family
Life with own woman!

Sorrows ?
Grief and pains, I share with God
I pour them as Ahoothi
In the Agnikundam
Of my heart.

Saw a picture one day
While pouring the ghee of my pains
May be dream, may be my imagination.

A boy with a pencil in hand
An eraser attached pencil
Dancing on the tongues of fire.

He draws sketches
And He erases.
He makes the wounds
And He heals.
He makes me to swim
And when I was washed away by floods
He was at the end not as a boy with a pencil
But as the ocean to receive me!

All the pencil sketches will be erased
All waters will join sea
Till then,
Let me share with kids my ice cream
Let me enjoy the life’s cream!
This is not a dream, this is not a dream
Why scream?

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