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A silly twist

Oh, man! A silly twist in my knee muscle
Twisted and turned my life into a tussle
Till now, at the sight of a beauty I used to whistle
Sorry, no more, let me face the body’s wrestle!

The moment my right leg touches the ground
A flash of lightning, in the brain goes around
And I need Megh’s help even to board the car
Is this the bugle sound of beginning of a war?

Beware of the twists and turns of life
A sudden flash, may spark the mood of your wife
‘While going to bed she was the sound of a piano’
Says a guy, ‘and early morning a volcano!’

‘Aru, manamae, aru’, means Wait, my mind, wait
Let me first straighten my knee twist
Before probing how my friend’s moonlight
Turned into wildfire , overnight.

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