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Your mom is a goddess

Ammalu, when a dog or a cat accidentally rub its body on our gate, I get scared, fearing that it is your mom’

‘My Mother is now inside our kitchen. She came in when you went out. She will stay here for another week. So, stay scare-free’

‘Ammalu, have the basic knowledge that dog is none other than the divine Bhairavar.
Cat? Mahaganapathi’s Mount, another divine manifestation’

‘Mahaganapathi’s mount is a mouse and not cat’

‘That was before your mom was born. She swallowed the mouse and took over its place’

‘Could be. I’m no one to contradict your knowledge in Puranas. Anyway, look ahead. The cat is coming out of kitchen with a hot cup of coffee for you’

‘Calling your mom a cat? She is a lioness! Durga Devi ‘s divine mount ‘

‘I see in her hand a bowl with onion pakora for you’

‘Ammalu, your mom is Durga Devi and not her mount. Fall at her feet’

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