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Avoid peeping

‘Ammalu, a confidential news just received. I’m passing on to you for the only reason that you’re my wife’

‘Is it about the conspiracy of my club mates to dethrone me by a secret vote?’

‘Yes, yes. But, how did you come to know about it?’

‘From my own confidential source. I have another confidential news which I’m sharing only for the reason that you’re my husband. You’re already selected by a secret vote to occupy the chair vacated by me’

‘That is nonsense’

‘Why, you seems to know more about a women’s group for which I’m the head . I have only one secret source and you have perhaps many. Aren’t you therefore, the ideal person to preside that group?’

‘Ammalu, I refuse to be the head of a women’s group’

‘Ok. Then don’t peep through the widows and door -gaps into our affairs’

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