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While driving back home from Stamford

Megh, with a mini computer in her brain, mentioned when she was driving us back home from Stamford:

“Appa, exactly 14 years before, on 11-08-2004, you landed in the USA, for the first time. Atchu was with you”

She further added that I’m now on my tenth visit and so far, in total, spent more than ten years in this country.

That made me to look back. But for the two tragedies in my extended families, one recent and another two years ago, I have only pleasant memories during the past ten years’ stay here. Baby births, birthdays, Grahapraveshams, weddings, seemanthams, family gatherings, foreign trips,frequent assembly of relatives, many, many happy events. But the passing away of my two nephews, at their prime time, submerged all my happiness and then I thought about the meaningless ambitions, setting and achieving goals, blooming in life and vanishing in no time, such thoughts, went deep and deep, reached no where .
At last, I rolled up all those philosophical thoughts, dumped deep into my heart well, and sitting in the front seat of the car, wrote these verses.

Please don’t look for any literary values in these lines, the only purpose of which was to forget my worries and establish the truth that world is mithya as our great Guru Adi Sankara said and truth, sathyam, is only koorkai upperi and other eatables as I’m saying below. That is the only mahat tatwam I have learned in my life. And my life is not a small pool, it is an ocean, which has witnessed many sunrises, sunsets, tsunamis also.
And after all those experiences when I say, ‘You’re what you eat!’, there should be some meaning in it.

Now to my poetry

While driving back home from Stamford.

Oh, come on my children
Anja, Atchu,Kunju
Anusha, Aarav, Suresh
All kids for me, only age varies

Anusha’s food was awesome
Poori, cholai, payasam

Chenai and koorkai
Chenai a fat guy
Koorkai a cute shy
Anusha picked that jodi
And made upperi
Good she did that
Or else, the fatty fool, yam
Would have made her jam.

“Size counts in war
In lovemaking too?”

I don’t know that tathwam
Ammalu, please tell them.

Mango pickle, pulikAtchal
Bahooth acha, Matchi.
Pickles trickles insides
Inchipuli kichu, kichu.

“Trickles, I know, Machi.
What is kichu, kichu?”

I don’t know that tatwam
Ammalu, please tell them!

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