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Who is Kalyani?


Too many messages I receive which I respond with a ‘thank you’ sticker to save time in writing a detailed note. However, only in one case, I responded, ‘enakkum onnai romba pidikkum, romba, romba’- ( means, ‘I too like you very much, very, very much’), in response to a 9 years-old girl, who messaged, ‘thatha, enakku onkalai, romba pidikkum’ (means, ‘grandpa, I like you very much’)

Kashtakakam, Kalyani! by oversight or lesser sight, I clicked wrongly another friend’s name and she happened to be an young lady in the sliding side of seventy. Thachu Panikkar had written about an year ago, ‘Swamy, Ippo Kandaka Sani aanu. Sookshichillenkil …..’ means, ‘it is, astrologically, a bad time for you and if you don’t  take care——‘ 

This happened at the wee hours, when I had woke up to ease my bladder and the ‘almarattam’ (meaning change of persons) occurred, before I did empty my bladder. And there, on the opposite side too, the situation was similar, but the message was received when my FB friend was free from the BP ( means bladder pressure) and had returned to her bed. Her hubby, who was sharing her bed, as it happens sometime in the case of couple in their 70s or 80s, had not cleared his bladder then but happened to read my message when he peeped into the privacy of his honey’s FB page. 

He flared up, fumed and wrote a reply message:’you like my honey much, very, very much?’

By that time my BP ( means bladder pressure)  had again gone up and therefore I  missed observing that the message was not from an innocent child but a from hubby, age immaterial, as hubbies are hubbies and they don’t like their puppies being liked by others.

Damage was done, irrespective of the cause, KS means Kandaka Sani or BP means bladder pressure. 

Going to bed again.

“Wait for a while please, before you go to bed again.

Who is Kalyani?”

“Where is she?”

“In your ‘kashtakakam’’

“Oh, she is my nalla kalam means good time”

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