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Ammalu is always right

‘Ammalu, I won’t demand that you take appointment to meet me, but it would be nice if you could knock my door and enter’

‘Do you knock the door of my heart every time you enter?’

‘Oh,Oh,  my beloved wife, what a poetic response! I surrender totally before you.  How can I serve you for all the love and affection you shower on me? Waiting for your order’

‘Go to bed now and knock my door tomorrow morning for coffee’


‘Ammalu, I’m a thousand watts lamp. How can I tolerate utter darkness right in front of me?’

‘Verify your wattage, please. I can’t be  ‘utter’ darkness! I have a serious doubt thar the first digit of your wattage, would have melted away, when I came near you’ 


‘Everyone has some problems or other. For a friend, his heart, for another kidney, for me, my wife, I didn’t say this Ammalu, a friend said so’

‘Whether you said that or your friend said, I’m not bothered.

As far as I’m concerned I  don’t have any problems though I have the most problematic husband in the world’


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