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Permission granted


When I was a child, have heard elderly women in our villages asking young married women waiting for their maiden pregnancy , ‘ippavum kulikkaraya?’- in their colloquial, it means, ‘still continue to have ( daily ) bath?. That is the way of their  asking, ‘still waiting for your first baby?’.

Such a question, when asked by several people, really hurts. 

And those who ask knew that fact, but still continued to ask and hurt others.

I thought it is a past story.

Sorry to learn, it is not. 

Even now, even in cities, people make such enquirers not only to close relatives or friends, but to others too, I was told. Young men too are not spared.

Here in USA, the world of 70 miles speed-  life, where women hardly find time to get pregnant, do have people time to think about the pregnancy of others?

Only once, during my first visit to USA, I asked a lady in my next seat a personal question- whether she was married.

She replied, ‘thrice’ and  posed a counter question to me,

‘Would you like to be my fourth hubby?’

I looked at Ammalu, with a pathetic face.

With a naughty wink Ammalu said ‘Permission granted’

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