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a missed feast

‘SP, tomorrow my son’s 60th birthday. Do come’

‘Pattu, your son is sixty already!  I was present when he was born and It looks that happened yesterday’

‘Lie. You were not present when he was born. Had you gatecrashed then, I would have thrown you out’

‘Pattu, cool. Who is cook for the Shashtiabdapoorthi?’

‘Is that important for you?’

‘What else? Vadhyar pouring water on your son’s head?’

‘SP, behave your age. Come wearing good dress, bless the couple and go’

‘I’m sure that you’ll be gifting me mayilkan veshti and uthareeyam. Why don’t you give that now so that I can wear decently and attend the function’

‘You’re wearing trousers at home?’

‘That depends on Ammalu’s moods. If there is romance in her face—-‘

‘Please, get out. You are not coming for the function’

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