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Sharing secrets

‘Ammalu, I’m looking for someone with whom I can share my secrets’

‘Why not me be that person?’

‘Joking? Has any man shared his secrets with his wife and slept peacefully?’

‘Ok. I too will look for a person to share my secrets’

‘Secrets, you, you have secrets?’

‘Why not SP! can’t I have my own secrets?’

‘Oh my God! I didn’t even in my dreams,  think of that possibility. Ammalu, I beg you. Please don’t look for someone to share your secrets. It is a shame for me’

‘Ok . I won’t, but you too should not share your secrets with others. You should share with me only’

‘Sure. I will tell you now. Right now’ 

‘Wait a minute. Let me get a notebook and pencil to note down’

‘Recording my secrets? You ‘re going to publish in The Hindu paper?’

‘Never. Just to share with my mom who boasts that she knows more secrets about you, than I do.’


‘Ammalu, Pattu’s husband Pattabhi praises that I’m handsome, very handsome’

‘Not my problem. If Pattu had said so, it becomes my problem’




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