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Clear vision, no confusion


This morning while wearing my jacket ( coat), pushed my one hand into the opening meant for that and looked for the entry point for the other hand. It, simply was not there!
‘How did I suddenly lose a hand?,’ was my worry!

Soon, blissfully, came to the realization that, what was missing was not a hand but only a jacket hole to push in my other hand!

How can hand vanish like that? I looked at my hands, to reconfirm. Both were there in their places! God is great and my belief that God is great is getting confirmed again and again !

Let the jacket with a missing part, go. I shall ask my daughter in law to buy another jacket.

Buying another jacket means spending money and I don’t like my children spending their hard earned money for my needs, unless my needs are urgent and unavoidable.

I searched for the missing part of the jacket. OMG! The jacket is hale and hearty. No part is missing. It was bought only last year and in fact Mahima, bought a second one as the first one was less expensive. She goes for the best and that was how she selected my nephew!

So, nothing is missing from the jacket and the confusion was because, in a hurry, I failed to locate the hole of the tube into which my hand was to be pushed in. It is an expensive jacket, just an year old. How can it tear and lose a part?

So, things are very clear. My both hands are there and in the proper place. Jacket too is in good shape. Hands are safe, jacket too. What is there to worry?

What did that stream of thoughts indicate?Have I become old?
Not at all. How can I become old ?
Had I become old, I would not have been able to wear the jacket without someone’s help.

Was there a small confusion in my mind for a short period?

Confusion, for whom ? For me?



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