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Ammalu is always right

‘The biggest blunder I committed in my life was that I married you, Ammalu?’

‘I agree, SP. But, you had no other alternatives, then. Of the 28 girls you saw with the intention of marriage, all, except one, rejected you, outright at the very first sight. You offered a car drive for the last girl, in your own car, but stood before her with a hired bicycle, with a punctured tyre. She gave you a quarter coin for repairing the tyre and said good bye’

‘Then, why did you agree to marry me, madam?’

‘As my desire was only for a bicycle ride and your vahanam, vehicle was ready by then’


Ammalu, now on, never invite me for your club meetings. How dare your assistant secretary to claim that women are equal to men, in all respects, in my presence?’

‘I banged her for uttering that in your presence. After you left, In my concluding speech, I told the august audience that wives are head and shoulder above their husbands in all respects, in every household, though to show respect to menfolk, in public, we talk that they are equal to us. I received a standing ovation for my clarification ‘



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