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Ammalu is always right


‘SP, why did you dance last night when my friend Chandmukhi came home for watching the eclipse ? What is your age, and is this the way to behave when a friend comes to our house?’

‘Ammalu, your friend actually came to show off her gorgeous sari and not to see the lunar eclipse. Was there no moon in her sky?’

‘But why did you dance?’

‘For the simple reason that you didn’t observe her sari and ask me to buy a similar one for you’

‘Thank you for reminding me. We will go to Chettiar and buy two, one for my mom’

‘You have an irreparable problem with you, SP,’ complained my friend’s wife. ‘you talk unnecessarily’. That was when I argued with her and favoring her husband, in their quarrel.

‘Ok, you both fight and break your heads. Why should I bother?’
I withdrew, dejected.

The next day, I visited them and found them quarreling again.
I didn’t utter a word.

‘Were you born dumb?, teased my friend’s wife in anger. ‘Open your mouth and say something, old man!’


‘Ammalu, you fought with me during our young days. I managed. You continue to fight with me. I don’t know where this will land us. I think I should consult our family astrologer Panikkar’

‘Please do that. I know where our young days’ fight landed us. You too know and I’m sure you’re happy about it. But, now? Really don’t know SP. Let the wise Panikkar tell us’


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