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The sky never misses watching over us

The sky never misses watching over us

Mocking and teasing the layers of warm clothes
Pokes the winter breeze, slices the skin.
A few steps from my car to theater lounge
I struggle to reach,
Good I didn’t.

I look up at the heavenly bliss
It is a full moon night!
What a glory in the sky
The moon moves in shy
Like a bride to the church
wearing a wedding gown,
Like a white lotus flower
Pushed by a lovely swan!

I pause for a minute and muse-
Is it not the one thousandth moon
the proverbial boon,
Gifted for the lucky few
Like me, to watch
Before we reach
The final porch ?

I would have missed watching the Moon
But never she.
While passing over the Kalpathy river
She would have peeped through the window
Into the inner bowl of my mom
Or later, would have sprinkled
Her cool rays of comfort
Wherever I might have been
During all these years
Four score and one !

I could have gone to Mansaroravar
To walk around and watch the beauty
And magnanimity of Kailas
The golden mount,
Swans moving slowly
As in a dream
The Light and shade show
But, I didn’t, I didn’t
Fearing the cold breeze
Given by God!

It was not a joke to create planets
But just to have a look at them
We have no time!
What a loss!
How many moons
I would have missed!
Not a single food in noon
I missed, though!

We may miss watching the sky
But the sky never misses watching over us!


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