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Hi 2018!

2017, good bye,
You were OK
No complaints.
I now wait with a bouquet
For 2018.

We call it ‘New year!’
What a fun, you too were ‘New’
Just an year ago,
No more in a few hours!

And for me, it took several years
To become old !
What a difference!

Don’t worry
only the Calendar
Is torn, but you’ll stay
In the books.
Paper goes,
Book stays
Memory stays!

The good and bad you did
Are recoded for ever.

I’m lucky,
I’m forgotten
After sometime
My good and bad have
Limited shelf life!

Really? not so
Says the learned,
I carry them, they say.

Anyway, what I carry
Is not your worry!
Bye 2017
Hi, 2018!


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