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Me & my friends – 1

I dialed a friend at Chennai. He is almost of my age.

‘Chuppu, morning!’

‘Morning? You found the muhoortam ( auspicious time ) to call me only now? It is 9.00 pm, here. Should we go to sleep or not?’

‘I’m sorry. Extremely sorry. You must be already on the bed or on your way to bed’

‘Am I a lucky single guy like you? Will your manni ( elder brother’s wife) allow me to go to bed alone ?’

‘Wah, that is the spirit, I admire. Anyway, I’m sorry. I’m extremely sorry, that I called you at a wrong time. There is no worse pApam (sin ) than disturbing a couple on their way to share a bed. I apologize’

‘Mannanktti- stop that nonsense! ‘ screamed my friend. ‘She is following me to the bedroom to ensure that I don’t open my ipad and chat with FB friends’


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