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Ammalu is always right

‘Ammalu, comes to memory the good olden days when you used to fan me with a pretty palm leaf fan, standing close to me, almost touching me. Can’t you repeat that kind act, when my friends visit us, this afternoon?’

‘There were no ceiling fans then. We have a fan now in every room. More over, why do you want me to fan you in the presence of your friends ?’

‘To exhibit proudly that you love me, you care for me. Some of them think that your love is not sufficiently intimate’

‘Did they say so?’

‘They didn’t tell me, but I know’

‘I will do something better to impress on your friends. I will hug you in their presence’

‘Go away, go away! Switch on all the fans in full speed’

‘Sweating, SP? Call your friends. I will get a palm leaf fan from our neighbor’

Cartoon courtesy. My cousin Ramki, Chennai.




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