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Water, I’m

Was a floating fish in the pool of my mother’s womb,
to start with
Will end as a handful of sinking ash in any river or ocean
In between life as a wild boar or mild Krishna,
Horrific half lion and half man or pacific Sree Rama.
I have passed through, still moving on.

But, what is important is I started my life in water
And will end it in water.
More than half my body weight is water
With no water I can’t survive.

Sucking watered milk from my mother’s breasts I grew
The last food I get, hopefully, will be a few drops
Of canned water from the Ganges.

I’m awestruck at the torrent rain, roaring sea waves,
Evening winds carrying water molecules
Jumping water falls, half sleepy streamlet, ice balls rolling down the hills.

Water attracts me in any form
Water enlivens me
Water is my life
I’m water.


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