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Ammalu is always right

‘Ammalu, good bye! Leaving for a non-inhabitant land for meditation’

‘Give me two minutes please. I too will join you. If you go alone, you are capable of converting the land’s status’

‘Every time you enter my room, you bring along with you fragrance of mullapoo, jasmine. I rise my head but see no flowers on your head. Wonder, Ammalu, what the source of fragrance, could be’

‘My eyes. Every time I see you sitting idle, doing nothing useful to you or the family, sparks of anger appear on my eyes, but the moment you rise your head and look at me, my sympathy for you, turn the fire into flowers’

‘Ammalu, two haves make one; two ones make two. Two wives make a man. Agree?’

‘Not in your case, as Ammalu is your wife and her teeth are cheetah’s’

‘One day or the other, you’ll realize my greatness, Ammalu’

‘Everyday I realize. Even now I realized ‘

‘Even now, how?’

‘You woke me up from deep sleep to tell me that you’re great!’


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