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Ammalu is always right

‘Ask any woman in this village about my honesty, Ammalu. They all will say that I’m the most honest husband’

‘I should say that, not they!’

‘Don’t get angry ; I was only generalizing’

‘Generalize anything, not my right for my husband’

‘For fun, Ammalu’

‘Husband – wife relationship is not fun; there can be fun only between them. They should not be fun for others’

‘Ammalu, you are my wife. Right?’

‘Any doubt?’

‘No doubt at all. Then why are you objecting if I introduce you to my visitors as Mrs. SP?’

‘Don’t I have a name of my own? Shall I introduce you to my visitors as Mr. Ammalu?’

‘Ammalu, that is mot the practice’


‘In the West’

‘Are we in the west?’

‘Ok, I can’t argue with you. I will introduce you as ‘my old woman’

‘Who is your new woman?’

‘Please, please save me. I will introduce you as Ammalu’

Ammalu, touching at the appropriate point, is important. See this smart phone in my hand. Unless I touch in the exact points in its key board, my thought won’t be converted into words.
Similarly, for the violin strings to convert touches into music, the points in its body are very important.

Not touching anywhere, as you like’

‘Why do you tell me all these, SP? I’m not going to touch you anywhere!’

‘If I touch you?’

‘What can I covert your touches to, however precise your touches are, at this age, old man?’


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