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Ammalu is always right

‘Ammalu, amazing is the artistic talents of this girl, our Ammini’

‘Wait a minute please. She is not our Ammini, may be yours. She is not a girl but a kiizhavi, older than me. And the only art she excels is steeling teaspoons in sister -in -law’s house.
Ok, now tell me about her artistic adulations’

‘Bending her back and knees and pressing her hands on her knees, raising her head and looking ar my face, she said;
‘SP, your face is shining like freshly ground sambar powder
spread on a stainless steel plate!’

‘Art at its advanced stage! ! Kitchen sAhityam! And you admire arthritic bend of back as artistic bend of mind!’

‘You are jealous of her, as she never praises you’

‘Least bothered. You admire me, that will do’

‘Really? When madam?’

‘This morning. Pleading for one more masala dosa you said my back is like a fresh dosa from the pan, folded neatly and my face is like the aalu sabji packed inside it’

‘Ammini jokes?’

‘No, Ammalu rocks!’

Ammalu, I won’t make one step inside the house unless you ask your mother to vacate my house. Did you hear, ‘my house’, I said. This is my house and if you have any doubt see the name board’

‘SP, my mom came with kaipokkoda for you. Shall I ask her to vacate your house?’

‘My house? What nonsense are you talking Ammalu? This is your house. Your mom has every right to come and stay in her daughter’s house’

‘Name board, SP?’

‘What’s in a name, what’s in a board?’


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