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Ammalu is always right

‘It is true that I have a number of friends, all from high socio circle, as I’m from that group. Why are you jealous, Ammalu?’

‘I’m not jealous of your high social status or your friends. My worry is about that circle. The speed with which it grows worries me. As it has no base or business , cause or conviction, it may burst anytime. It shouldn’t blow of your nose or ears, teeth or tuft’

‘I don’t have tuft!’

‘It will certainly appear, if your head get packed with such foolish claims, frank Volos, frustrating, which has no purpose or foundation’

‘Ammalu, if you don’t mind, tell me how you managed to organize so many words and what do they mean’

‘Answer simple. My high socio circle!’

‘Ammalu, generally speaking, don’t you think that a husband who doesn’t control his wife’s extravagancy in money and words is a waste?’

‘I agree with you partly as I don’t like to use the word, ‘waste’. But, a wife who doesn’t have the same control on her husband, is certainly a waste. Generally speaking, I’m sure that you will be proud that your wife is not a waste’

‘I don’t want to waste my words in agreeing with your claim’

‘Very good. Be silent. I permit you’

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