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Ammalu is always right

If you had 10% of my intelligent quotient, I witkd have taken you at least to one or two international conferences of intelligentsia, I attend on special invitation, Ammalu’

”I remember two international conferences you attended- one under the Chunnambuthara aalthara and the other on the Vadakkanthara kAvu aalthara. Apart from these two peepul tree bases within two kilometers from our house, if you have attended any more conferences, pease let me know. I will tell mother and she will be proud of you’

‘Ammalu, why take these small matters to that old lady?’

‘Small matters? Intelligent quotient of international participants is a small matter?’


‘Lifebouy soap and Cuticura powder; Ovaltin and Horllicks. That was my luxurious childhood. And now I’m the master this family. There is no need for me to wait  for your food.
I’m making it very clear – from tomorrow, you will wait near my table, take orders, serve food, wait standing till I finish. Is it clear Ammalu?’

‘Yes, how much tips will you give me for each service?’

‘Tips, in my own house? To my own wife?’

‘Very good. In your own house, you should serve food for you and me. If food is not available, you should go to market, buy things, come and cook and serve. Please don’t forget to buy Lifebuoy soap, Cuticura powder,–‘


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