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What a rise, yours!


‘Come out, come out!’, calls Mother Earth
Hugging the seed and kissing his head
‘How long will you be in slumber?
Mom long to see your rise, remember.

‘The Sky is ready for the Royal precession
See there, the gates are wide opened,
See there, seven green horses
Leaping in joy, moving their heads.
Behind them is a golden chariot,
Carrying the Majesty, your lord and my lord,
The lord of sky, wind and water,
the golden coins he spreads
Reach far and wide
And, you, on my lap, hide?

Get up on your own, crack your coat
come out, break the soil, move up
Awaits your arrival, Autumn and summer
Rains and thunder, winds and winter.

The seed opens up its eyes
And then on, no reverse
The Earth just gives a gentle push,
The tree grows and grows.

Come from far and near
Men, animals, birds and insects
The tree showers food in plenty
Returns no hands empty,
Shade and shelter free for all
Rich and kind, the tree stands tall!

The giver and taker, kind and cruel
All have to go, that alone is real,
Alternate beating by summer and winter
The tree gets weak and starts to wither
‘Take me back, mom’, it pleads
‘Before I’m finished by weather and weeds’

‘No, my child’, says the mom;
‘Time not yet for you to quit.

Lads need you for their tops
To twist and turn you on the floor
With a string in their hands,
Imitating the inevitable Fate.

Farmers need you for their plough
Wood cutters for their axe
And Agnidev, the Fire God needs you
As his chariot to take souls
To their final goal.

What a rise yours, my child!
From a seed, grew as a huge tree,
Whole life served the needy
And before your fall
You will be Agnidev’s chariot
Carrying souls to their final goals!

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