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More rooms there in ?

My new neighbor was staring at the balcony of the house next to his, seated on an easy chair, near his front gate.  I warned him. ‘Kounder, the owner of the house might think that you are looking at his wife. He is a man with strong muscles’

’How old is he?’, enquired my neighbor

‘May be 70, may be 75. But how does the age matters?’

‘The Kownder and wife fight like cat and mouse!’

‘How does that matter? The moment Kownder smells your eyes search for her, he will  start loving her deeply’

‘How many rooms are there in that house?’ He equired.
I was relieved. His interest was limited to knowing the size of the house’

‘Seven,’ I replied.

‘My house has only six rooms’. The disappointment of having one room less, was visible in his face.

‘How many rooms do you use?’, I enquired.

‘Only one’

‘You haven’t given a separate room to your wife?’

‘No, we share one room. That is more than enough for us’
He has one room more than my house’. My neighbor expressed his anguish again .

Ammalu calłed from the other side of the common wall.
‘SP come soon. The neighbor’s cat has entered our house and delivered five cute kittens’

‘Let them enjoy our space. We are now only two’

‘Come, just to see them’

I went inside my house, but soon come out hearing the loud and pathetic cry of my neighbor’s wife.. The Poor guy was struggling for breath. The ambulance was calłed and on the way to hospital, he passed away. He was not destined to die even in the single room he was sharing with his wife, out of the six rooms they had. He died in the ambulance bench. Has any rooms in the vast space he left for?

His cat and kitten were happily roaming inside our house, as if the entire house belonged to them!

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