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Panikkiraathu – serves no purpose





PanikkurAthu- serves no purpose.

Thinking of solutions, go ahead, but don’t worry.

“If no solutions found, can I worry?”

No, PanikkurAthu, serves no purpose.


Let the problem find its own solution.

“If it didn’t, shall I worry?”

No, PanikkurAthu, no purpose.

“Damn it! What do you want me to do then?”

Go for a walk.

“If my wife don’t allow me to go out?”

Ask her to go for a walk

“If she doesn’t want to go for a walk?”

Man, you have found the solution. Enjoy your time with her!
Dance! I am singing a song for you:

சாந்து பொட்டடி நான் உனக்கு
நல்ல சந்தன பொட்டடி நீ எனக்கு
சாந்து பொட்டுக்கும் சந்தன பொட்டுக்கும்
சண்டை உண்டோ சொல்லு ராமாயி ?
முத்து ராமாயி !

Saanthu pottadi naan unakku,
Nalla santhana pottadi née enakku
Saanthu pottukkum santhana pottukkum
Sandayundo sollu Raamaayi,
Muthu Raamaayi!

“If the problem is not solved, even after dancing”

“So, that is your problem! Your problem is that you have no problem’


In the picture above, Yadamma has no problem in life, as she has no time to think about problems!

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