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About me and my people


After my BSc, I started my career in a field survey under a WHO project and our unit was at Trichur. My job was to collect blood, urine and feces samples from the farmers and other workers in the remote villages where malnutrition was prevalent, by early morning visits, exam those at our Laboratory at Poonkunnam and submit the report to the head of our unit. Being surrounded by many such samples as a routine, my childhood hatred for urine and feces evaporated and I realized how important are our discharges. But, generally, our concentration is on what we intake and we take for granted the wastage elimination system of the body. The purifying and waste eliminating machines are as important as our blood pumping machine. Urine and stool examinations are a must in the primary detection of certain diseases. When my Hb level was going down , there was a worry whether there was any internal leakage of blood and I had to get the stool examination for occult blood many times.

Our exit gate is not getting as much attention as our inner gate.

Don’t take anything for granted including your urinary habits and stool motion.

Don’t take anyone for granted, your baby, your boss in the work or at home.

Your baby can pee at your face, your boss can call you when you are on the way for an emergent pee and your wife can go for a pee after serving you idlies with no water bottle, anywhere in the vicinity.


When I landed at our Hyderabad home, back from USA, there was none even to talk to, as my brother was bedridden. Now I have in him a helping hand too. There should be at least two in a house. Similarly, I feel there should be two children to grow together.

Two is a company, not a crowd.

Two is a pair and it is fair if they are of different sex.

Two is a festival, if they are husband and wife, with understanding of each other.

Two is a ferry trip in cyclone if they don’t adjust and understand each other’s feelings.


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