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Beyond the land of the Sun, moon and stars

Meghana’s pre-dawn prompting, ‘my personal favorite and bias is your poetry, appa!’, propelled my feeling from the cavern of my heart and the result is this forest stream. Compressed feelings and thoughts need only a match stick to flash as a flame.
Thanks Megh. You made my day.

‘When and where did we meet first?’
Holding my hand, she mumbled,
‘And when and where will we meet again?’

Only a few drops of oil left,
The wick was wavering,
The shine was going dim
I could realize
Her grip too was loosening
Her voice was weak,
But the question clear,
‘When and where did we meet first ?
‘When and where will we meet again?’

I answered the first half
But, how, how will I answer
The other?

Anywhere in this country,
Continent, even beyond that,
I could have given the answer,
May not be accurate,
But an answer that will
Make her soul peaceful
While flying up.

But if I meet her
Beyond the lands,
Beyond oceans,
Beyond the horizon,
Beyond the lands where
The Sun, the moon
The stars and planets
Roam ?
How will I recognize her
If we meet in a land
Of no air, no light?

We may not meet at all
But how to tell her,
My beloved one waiting
To hear from my mouth
Her last wish, I’m sure
Her last wish.
She wants to hear
‘I will meet you’

How to tell lie to a simple
Woman who lived for me
Who is leaving me
As no other go.

Her grip on my hand
Was losing further,
The hand which held me
When I used to slip and fall
Not once, was loosing hold.

No more waiting.
‘We will, we will meet’
I yelled and wept.
Wept uncontrollably
As the soft weak hand
Had freed mine
Freed for ever.

But, I could see on her lips
A shine, soft like her hands
Has someone recharged the lamp
With fresh oil?
Has a soft hand, like hers
Replaced the weak wicks?

Or, am I flying closer to her
To meet beyond the lands
Oceans and continents,
Beyond the horizon?
Beyond the lands where
The Sun, the moon
The stars and planets
Roam ?

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