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I love you, you love me

‘I touch my heart and tell you, ‘I love you, I love you, I love you’

‘Why touch the heart? You store your money there?’

‘I talk about heart and you talk about money?’

‘What has the heart to do in love? Love should end in wedding’

‘Should ‘end’?

‘Ok. I will modify. Love should lead to wedding’

‘Then it ends there?’

‘Ends what?’


‘It has to ; no other way. We can’t go on loving from dawn to dusk’

‘After dusk, we can!’

‘Not a bad idea. But look, we will have other important works . You have to earn from outside and give in my hand every month your earning and I have to earn a baby from inside and give in your hand, every year.’

‘A baby every year?’

‘Yes. And you have to cook, clean the house, raise the kids, educate them, get them married’

‘And you will be doing only one job – earning a baby from inside every year?’

‘And give in your hands. Why are you silent?’

‘My heart has stopped’

‘Again heart?’

‘Yes. It has stopped’

‘Good, it did. Now I can love you, marry you’

‘And give a baby in my hands every year?’

‘No baby, if your heart has stopped. With no heart, what will you do with babies? We love and go on loving. You don’t need a heart for loving me. But, you need it for raising kids, as love is the soil and water and manure for growing’

‘And with a paralyzed heart what do I do?’

‘Love me!’

‘What theory is this, I wonder’

‘Theory, for a man loving a woman ? There is no science in loving’


‘Up to the initial attraction stage’

I love you, you love me
We love each other,
We love each other’

‘I call you baby, you call me baby
None will call me mummy.
I calł you ‘da’, you call me ‘di’
None will call you daddy’

‘No science in loving, no politics
Art and Geography only in the start.
And History at last’

‘I love you, you love me
We love each other,we love  each other’

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